At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Liam celebrate having made the decision to have a destination wedding in Australia. They discuss who will be attending. Liam’s weirded out by the idea of Quinn coming to his wedding, but Steffy can’t disappoint her grandfather. Liam phones Bill at Spencer Publications to let him know they’re having a meeting with their families regarding the wedding. Bill asks if Brooke will be there. Liam confirms she will, but warns Ridge will be too. Liam assumes his father won’t come.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill hangs up from Liam and exits his office.

In the Spectra Fashions office, Shirley works to convince Sally that her sister is their way back to respectability, as Saul and Darlita look on. Coco enters and Shirley asks her how she would feel about being an intern at Forrester Creations. Sally grimaces and says ‘Grams’ is just thinking aloud. Coco doubts she’d get hired, and says Forrester would be amazing, but she’d like to help the family business. Shirley tells Coco her sister has an ‘in’ over there…Thomas Forrester. Coco is excited by the idea…if they don’t need her there.

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At Forrester, Pam is interviewing potential interns with Thomas and RJ. In the other office, Eric, Quinn, Brooke, Ridge, and Ivy enthuse over Steffy and Liam’s announcement about Australia. Steffy hints at the idea of a double wedding, and Ivy eyeballs Ridge and Quinn. Elsewhere, the interviews continue. Several candidates come and go, and Thomas is still seeking one that stands out. He takes a call from Sally, who offers up her sister as a possible intern. Thomas agrees to see her. In Steffy’s office, Bill joins the gathering, much to Liam’s surprise. Bill-Brooke-Ridge-office-BB-HWHe spars verbally with Ridge, until Eric reveals that Brooke and Ridge are also getting married in Australia. Bill asks Brooke, “Is that true?” Ridge nixes the idea; he doesn’t want to get married with an audience. Bill chortles and opines that Ridge will let Brooke down again. The group breaks up. Quinn is left with Bill, Brooke, and Ridge. Ridge and Quinn exchange looks as Bill tries to get through to Brooke about Ridge. Brooke insists she trusts Ridge implicitly and they’ll be married.

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In Sally’s office, she shares the good news with a squealing Coco. “You’d better get going!” After, Sally feels bad, but Shirley reminds her Sally built her empire this way – it’s business. They argue and Shirley accuses Sally of getting soft. Sally insists Coco is different. Shirley protests that Sally needs to get with the program.

RJ-Thomas-Coco-interview-BB-HWCoco arrives at Forrester for her interview and flushes as she meets Thomas and RJ. She confides that she was hoping to work with Sally, but Spectra may not be around much longer. Coco impresses Thomas with her answers, and RJ grins at her.

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