At Brooke’s place, Bill continues with his assertion that Ridge will screw up and hurt her. Over coffee, Brooke says it was good to see Hope before making a tiny confession. She left town to see her daughter, but admits she also needed to clear her head and decide what she wanted out of life, and her future. Bill realizes she’s having doubts about Ridge. Brooke just needs to know in her heart that she’s getting it right and that the commitment she makes is what she wants for the rest of her life. Bill thinks she’s been on an emotional rollercoaster, and asks, “Now that you’ve been away, how do you feel?” Brooke sighs. Bill presumes she’s still committed to Forrester, but he’s not giving up. He reminds her Ridge has made the same promises a thousand times before, and broken them a thousand times. He’d do anything to spare her that pain. “Say the word and I will.” Bill tells Brooke he never should have left her at the altar due to his pride. He won’t lose her for the rest of his life because she is his life. Bill knows they love each other, and implores her to say she’ll come back to him. Brooke tears up.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy asks Thomas to be in the wedding party at her nuptials. Thomas grunts, “Yeah, whatever.” She wonders what’s wrong – this is a great time for their family. Thomas counters it’s a great time for her and their dad. Steffy is upset that his discontent with work is affecting everything; even her wedding. They rehash Quinn’s reasons for wanting Steffy appointed as CEO. Steffy realizes he thinks she’s unqualified. Thomas notes she has no experience in the design side. Steffy says, “And you do.” She tries to assure her brother he’s invaluable to the company, but he thinks it’s a dead end and maybe he should start up his own company – Sally Spectra is doing it. Sally-reporter-BB-HWPam enters with a video feed of Sally’s press conference announcing the relaunch. Only one reporter showed up and when Sally unveils the new logo, it tears in half and comes down on her head as the reporter struggles to help! Steffy laughs and says Sally’s a disaster just like her aunt. Thomas tells his sister to give Sally a break and goes back to talking about his own situation. He complains she got a job he’s worked his entire life toward and he’s just supposed to be okay with it. Steffy is unable to stop him from storming off. Elsewhere, Liam talks to Ivy about marrying Steffy – he wants it to be the wedding of the millennium! Ivy suggests he start with choosing a location; she thinks there is nowhere more beautiful than Australia. Liam’s intrigued. Ivy envisions a double wedding with Brooke and Ridge under the Sydney Harbor ‘Bridge’. Liam reminds her that his father will be there and it would be a gut punch for him to have to see Brooke marry Ridge. Ivy thinks maybe Bill will take the high road and admit he and Brooke aren’t meant to be. Liam laughs that his dad will not give up on Brooke, and he would never bet against him. Brooke may end up with Bill after all.

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