Katie asks if she’s interrupting something between Quinn and Ridge in the Forrester living room. Quinn hotly questions Katie’s reasons for being in the house. Katie sweetly replies she was helping Pam in the kitchen, and notes Ridge and Quinn thought they were alone. Ridge blurts that Eric is thinking of making him co-CEO. Katie heard, and understands Quinn is behind it. She wonders at the change of heart between them, and speculates on the reasons for it. Quinn asks Ridge to show Katie out, and asks her not to come back unless she’s invited. Once alone, Katie warns Ridge to be careful and not to fall for Quinn’s beguiling ways. They bicker about whether Quinn has power over Eric. Katie reminds Ridge he’s about to marry Brooke again, who is excited about their future. Ridge-Quinn-kiss-BB-XJJQuinn listens as Katie expresses the certainty that Eric’s wife has an agenda, and reminds him of her history. “Getting too close to Quinn…it’s like the kiss of death.” Ridge turns the tables by questioning Katie’s close relationship with Eric. Katie admits she’s concerned about him and feels Quinn doesn’t know how good she’s got it. “If I had a man like that in my life…” They warn each other to be careful. After Katie exits, Quinn imagines going downstairs in a silk robe. She pictures Ridge telling her Katie was right about her being beguiling and pulling her into a passionate kiss. Quinn gasps and snaps out of it, and watches as Ridge leaves the house.

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At the Malibu house, Liam and Steffy canoodle. He gestures to her new engagement ring – his ring is never coming off. They talk about their differences and laugh. Steffy admits she’s a bit of a slob but lists off her attributes. Liam says, “And you’re beautiful,” after each one. Steffy loves him so much and can’t wait to be his wife again. Liam-Steffy-wedding-talk-BB-XJJTalk turns to their wedding. Liam feels she could show up in PJs and be the sexiest bride ever. They recall what she wore to their wedding in Aspen, and the black number she chose for their second wedding when she showed up on a motorcycle. Steffy remembers it was incredible, and jokes that this marriage had better last; she’s running out of ideas for dresses. Talk turns to where to get married, and what to do about Quinn. Liam feels there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them now. He wonders why Steffy chose him over Wyatt. Steffy doesn’t need someone edgy and exciting; she knows she’s the center of Liam’s world. He confirms she always will be. Steffy breathes, “Cha, cha, cha.” They kiss and make love on the sofa. After, Liam tells Steffy he remembers everything he said at their previous ceremonies, and he’ll remember everything he says at their third and final wedding.

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