Quinn arrives at the Forrester mansion where Ridge makes her an after work martini in Eric’s absence. They toast to her husband’s safe travels and to Quinn keeping the fires burning while he’s gone. Talk turns to work. Ridge opines that if he gets to be CEO again it will be thanks to her. Ridge won’t forget it. She says he deserves it. Ridge demonstrates how he can look at her portrait without feeling physically ill. They keep teasing. Ridge admits he looks forward to seeing Quinn in the flesh. In the kitchen, Katie joins Pam, who complains about Quinn wanting Eric to give up lemon bars.Pam-Katie-work-talk-BB-XJJ Katie wonders if Pam heard that Eric is planning to make Ridge co-CEO – apparently it was all Quinn’s idea. Pam gasps. They wonder what Quinn is up to, but Pam recalls that Ridge asked them to respect her yesterday at the office. Katie is intrigued, but Pam maintains he can’t stand her. Katie gets on a call with Brooke and advises her not to stay away from Ridge too long. In the living room, Ridge exults that he’s going to be CEO because of Quinn and picks her up to spin her around. Katie appears. “Am I interrupting something?”

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At Forrester Creations, Rick teases Steffy about her sexy photos. Rick-Steffy-office-BB-XJJThey talk about her divorce. Steffy says Wyatt seems okay she just hope it doesn’t make his relationship with Liam worse. Rick feels he will be okay, though his feelings won’t change overnight. Rick suggests she and Liam elope – she could take a year off to celebrate. He wouldn’t mind stepping up to take her place!

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Wyatt arrives at Liam’s in Malibu and thanks him for the messages. Liam’s glad he came so they could talk. They crack open a couple of beers and Wyatt says he gets that ending his marriage was the only option for all of them. He reveals that he wants his brother back. They joke about the Spencer brothers taking over the world. Wyatt doesn’t want any of them to feel uncomfortable. He expresses regret for what his mother did and jokes about being tired of playing second fiddle to Liam – he plans to find a woman who doesn’t have a history with his brother and who loves him for himself. Liam agrees he deserves that. They embrace. Later, Steffy arrives. Liam says he’ll never take for granted the sight of her walking through that door. “Welcome home.” He updates her on Wyatt’s visit. Liam thinks he may finally get to have a real relationship with his brother. Steffy wishes she could tell Wyatt the tattoo removal gets easier. Liam wishes he could tell him getting over her gets easier. They canoodle. Liam produces an engagement ring and asks Steffy to spend her life with him and be his wife. She accepts. “Of course!” He places the ring on her finger and jokes they should get matching tongue piercings. Steffy only needs him, and assures him there’s nothing boring about them.

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