At Forrester Creations, Steffy gives Thomas rent for her time at the loft. He wonders if she’s showing off her CEO buying power or reminding him he was passed over for promotion. It becomes clear that he is bitter, and Steffy informs him she earned her position. They argue over who would have ended up as CEO if she’d turned it down. Steffy wonders if her brother wants her to say the job should have gone to him instead. Thomas remarks that he is Dad’s firstborn son. Steffy responds that no one’s had a problem with her leadership but Thomas, who lacks consistency. In another office, Ridge hangs up from Brooke as Quinn enters. He tells her Brooke is coming home soon. Quinn tells Ridge she’s done something she hopes he won’t be angry about. She reveals that she asked Eric last night to consider having him share CEO duties with Steffy. “Did I overstep?” Ridge thinks it seems suspicious that she would do that. Quinn insists she wants the company in good hands and wants them all to get along. He is surprised how well she’s handling Steffy and Wyatt’s divorce. Quinn doesn’t want Wyatt remembering as a mother who was overbearing – she has Ridge to thank for making her see that. An intern brings one of Quinn’s new necklaces and Ridge fastens it around her neck to have a proper look. He caresses her shoulder as they discuss the piece, which is like two misfits that fit perfectly. Quinn is flattered when he refers to her as a lady, and mentions Eric’s going away tonight. She thinks Ridge should go to him. Ridge thanks her. Their hands touch as he hands her the necklace case. Later, Quinn flashes to the close moment with Ridge and flushes.

News: Bold and Beautiful nominated for 6 Daytime Emmy Awards

Katie arrives at Eric’s door with his newspaper. She notices his suitcase. He explains that he is making a quick trip to Genoa City to see Lauren Fenmore. Opening the paper, Eric reads that the old Spectra building is scheduled for demolition. Eric-Katie-discuss-Sally-BB-XJJHe flashes to past times with Sally Spectra and reflects that it was fun being her friend, and her enemy. Eric tells Katie the last they heard she was sunning herself on a tropical island and being tended to by cabana boys. Katie wonders what she would have thought of Quinn. Eric shares that Quinn suggested they reinstate Ridge at Forrester to share duties with Steffy. He credits the trip to San Francisco for the change between Quinn and Ridge. Katie wonders the shared CEO position would work. Eric will think about the matter on the flight. Katie wishes him safe travels. Later, Ridge arrives and Eric explains he’s going to see Lauren Fenmore. They agree to talk once he’s back. Eric admits he may have been too harsh, and Ridge assures him he was trying to protect him. Eric will reassess Ridge’s position on the leadership team; he can thank Quinn for that. Ridge wishes him a safe trip and turns to look at Quinn’s portrait.

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Quinn gives Ridge a good reason to accept her as a member of the Forrester family.

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