At Forrester Creations, Ridge asks Quinn if she’s okay. She asks, “Are you?” They re-establish that they have an understanding now, and Ridge won’t tell Eric what they did. Quinn-Ridge-pact-BB-HWQuinn stammers that what happened between them came out of nowhere and can never happen again – she can’t understand why he’s not using this. Ridge isn’t interested in being banned from his family; it would also kill Brooke. Ridge states that he sees things very differently now where Quinn is concerned. They agree to support each other and stop tearing each other down. As they gaze deeply into one another’s eyes, they vow it will never happen again. Elsewhere, Katie wonders if Ivy’s seen Quinn. Ivy says she left, and admits she’s worried about her. She relays that when she saw Quinn she seemed sick – like she was burning up inside. Katie asks Ivy if Quinn has said anything about being angry with her. “I spent some time with Eric while Quinn was in San Francisco with Ridge.” Ivy knows what Quinn can be like, but says she hasn’t mentioned anything. Katie has no idea why she’s so worked up then.

In Malibu, Bill wonders about Liam’s ultimatum to Steffy. Liam hollers that she should have been there by now. He gets Steffy’s voicemail and decides he has to get out of L.A. He asks Bill if he can take the jet. Bill assures him that Steffy wants to be with him, but Liam reiterates that she should already be there – he can’t do this!

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At the beach house, Wyatt begins laser removal of his tattoo and cries out in pain. Steffy stands beside him to lend support, while in a chair nearby, her phone goes unanswered. After the treatment, Steffy teases Wyatt and recalls that they always had fun together. Wyatt reminds her to take her divorce papers. Steffy thanks him; she’s proud she got to know him and to be his wife. Wyatt says he’ll always love her.

In Malibu, Bill becomes more concerned than usual when Liam phones to arrange the jet and asks to be served a steak on the flight! Bill coaches him to let loose and blow off some steam. Liam yells – he can’t wait every day for her to walk through that door. He’s tired and isn’t going to put up with it anymore.

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As Liam heads to the airport in his car, Steffy drives to Malibu in hers.

Steffy arrives in Malibu, where Bill informs her Liam left for the airport. She rushes out.

At the airport, Steffy finds Liam’s car empty, but spots him across the parking lot. She calls out his name, and they run to each other. She waves the divorce papers and tells him, “I’m all yours!” Liam gasps, “Are you serious?” He spins her around and they kiss passionately.

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