At Forrester Creations, Quinn digests the news that Ridge won’t tell Eric about the kiss. They make a pact to keep it their secret. Elsewhere, Liam wants him and Steffy to be together now, not when her grandfather says it’s okay. He insists she has to make it clear to Quinn and Wyatt that she’s not getting back with Wyatt, and she must finalize the divorce immediately. Steffy questions the urgency.

In the Forrester mansion living room, Wyatt explains to Eric that it was wrong to pressure Steffy and so he’s moving back to the beach house. Wyatt-Eric-moving-out-BB-HWIf he’s really the right guy for her, he shouldn’t have to convince her of it. They discuss Quinn’s penchant for being reckless in the past. Wyatt feels Eric transformed her. He wants somebody who believes in him as completely as Eric and his mother believe in each other. Later, Quinn embraces Eric upon her arrival at home. Eric announces that Wyatt moved back to his beach house and is set to accept the end of his marriage. Quinn regrets her mistakes. Eric assures her Wyatt will be fine. Quinn tells Eric that being away from him made her realize how happy she is to be his wife. “I hate being away from you.” Eric wants to hear all about the symposium. She says it wasn’t what she expected. Eric is pleased to think she and Ridge are getting closer. He surprises her with some tequila. Quinn flashes to drinking with Ridge and says she’s not in the mood. Eric senses something is wrong. Quinn flashes to the kiss and blurts that they’ve been too hard on Ridge. She reiterates that she loves their life together. “I don’t ever want to lose you.” As they embrace, she thinks about kissing Ridge.

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At the beach house, Wyatt pulls out his phone, calls Steffy, and asks to see her. She is reluctant, but Wyatt insists he won’t take no for an answer.

Steffy hangs up from Wyatt in her office. Liam complains that she took the call and is now going to drop everything to go and see him. He insists she put their relationship first, and use this time to tell Wyatt the marriage is over. Liam will make dinner for them and wait. Steffy assures him she will talk to Wyatt and everything will be fine. In another office, Ridge flashes to kissing Quinn. Liam appears. Ridge informs him Quinn didn’t betray his dad – he thought she knew how she would react but he had no idea. Liam is stunned to hear Ridge declare that the plan to get rid of Quinn will never work. Liam asks, “Nothing happened?” Ridge confirms, “Nothing at all.” He thinks about kissing Quinn.

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Wyatt presses Steffy to drink wine at the beach house. She accepts one glass. Wyatt proposes a toast to all the good times they had there. He wants to forget about the divorce and think about what they mean to each other.

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