At Forrester Creations, Quinn flashes to her kiss with Ridge. Eric calls and learns Quinn just arrived back. Ridge appears as she tells Eric she missed him. She disconnects and Ridge notes she’s feeling guilty. Meanwhile, Wyatt arrives in Steffy’s office with good news and better news. He shows her some positive numbers and says the reaction to her sexy CEO campaign is off the charts. Thomas arrives. Wyatt muses about Quinn and Ridge being back – they’ll have a lot to fill them in on. The trio locates Ridge and Quinn, and Thomas jokes if there is something juicy they are keeping from them. Ridge clears his throat. They’re all surprised that they said nice things about each other at the symposium. Ridge edgily says he saw a side of Quinn he wasn’t aware of and ends the ‘inquisition’. Once alone, Quinn confronts Ridge about whether he’ll tell Eric what happened between them in San Francisco and destroy her marriage. Ridge remarks that he knows her better now and it changed things; he won’t say anything to his dad. Quinn is wary, but agrees when Ridge suggests they try to get along. She reiterates that she loves Eric. Ridge confirms what happened will be their secret.

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In Malibu, Liam gets a text from Ridge saying things didn’t go as planned.

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At the Forrester mansion, Katie stops in to see Eric, but isn’t keen to stay because of Quinn’s impending arrival – she finds her a little intimidating. They wonder how her trip with Ridge went. Eric says the symposium went well, but they came home on different flights. It was his hope they’d connect and find something they didn’t know was there. Later, Wyatt arrives and reports that Quinn and Ridge seemed to have a successful trip. Wyatt’s marriage comes up. Eric urges him to keep working on it, but Wyatt doesn’t want to pressure Steffy. He can’t pretend any longer that his marriage didn’t come about due to Quinn’s actions. Wyatt reveals he’s going to move back to the beach.

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At Forrester Creations, Liam tells Steffy that she shouldn’t have moved out; it wasn’t fair to him or to her. Steffy-receives-ultimatum-BB-HWHe visited with Bill, who reminded him that Spencers don’t give up, including Wyatt. Liam says Quinn has tried to wreck their lives; she attempted to kill him, and stole months from them, and yet Steffy is closer to her now than she’s ever been. He complains that Steffy is placating Wyatt, who is a big boy and can deal with a divorce – she’s not doing Wyatt any favors, or him. Liam declares that their relationship has to come first.

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