In San Francisco, Ridge pours a drink and Quinn accepts another as well. She asks him to leave, but he’s not going anywhere. Quinn warns Ridge that if he thinks she’d betray Eric, he doesn’t know a damn thing about her. Ridge invites her to make him understand. Quinn opens up about feeling disrespected and used repeatedly. She recalls how Bill tossed her aside, and all the men who came after him were the same. Ridge notes he’s nothing like Bill Spencer. Incredulous, Quinn points out what Ridge was planning to do to her – he’s exactly like him! She says Eric is the first man to respect her and she’s not giving that up…ever. Ridge explains it’s his job to protect his dad from people like her. Quinn counters if she was a golddigger she would have gone after Bill’s millions. She becomes emotional describing what it was like to raise Wyatt while poor and trying to start a business. Ridge sees why she built a wall around herself, but says she went too far, with Liam for example. Quinn screams that she hates who she was then, but finally she has a life worth living because of love. “I am not letting you take that away from me!” Ridge reiterates that he wants to protect his father since Quinn goes through the world pushing people away. Quinn protests that she had to, to survive, but Eric saw through that and took a chance on her. She sobs that after years of being alone anymore, she’s not now, and she doesn’t ever want to be alone again. Ridge softens, and assures her she’s not alone. He can see why his father fell for her – he sees the beautiful woman she hides from the world. “It’s going to be fine.” Ridge warns she has to stop spinning webs and building walls. “You’re amazing. Trust that.” They embrace…and then kiss. Both look stunned.

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At the Forrester mansion, Katie is concerned about being alone with Eric while Quinn’s out of town. He reassures his neighbor that Quinn trusts him as much as he trusts her. They joke about Ridge and Quinn being in San Francisco. Eric is hoping for some sort of breakthrough.

In Malibu, Bill and Liam discuss Spencer Publications business, but Liam is distracted. Liam-Bill-advice-BB-XJJHe wants Steffy to come home. Bill opens up about his frustrations with Brooke. He counsels that sometimes you just have to know that things will work out even if it takes time. Bill predicts Steffy will move back in with Liam and Brooke’s marriage to Ridge won’t happen. Bill is certain Ridge will mess up; he always does.

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At the loft, Thomas tells Steffy he doesn’t know when Caroline is coming back. He hints that when she and Douglas do arrive, it would be nice not to have a roommate. Steffy explains that she’s waiting to move back into Liam’s out of fairness to Wyatt. Talk turns to Quinn. Steffy will never trust her. Thomas wonders why she hasn’t had a meltdown yet. Steffy just hopes Eric’s not too badly hurt when she does.

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