At the Forrester mansion, Eric and Wyatt compare notes on Quinn and Ridge’s successful symposium. Wyatt wants to party like bachelors, but Eric points out that neither of them are bachelors. Wyatt feels his marriage is pretty much over. Katie arrives with a soccer ball that was on the property line. Eric announces that Quinn and Ridge went to a conference together, which surprises Katie. She notices the Steffy portrait and Eric explains it was for when she lived there with her family and husband. Katie asks, “With Liam?” She learns they tried to get Steffy to move in there with Wyatt. Katie doesn’t think it was smart to pressure her. She bluntly tells Wyatt that he wouldn’t be married to Steffy if Quinn hadn’t kidnapped Liam. Wyatt grimly admits she’s not wrong about where it started, but maintains his feelings were real.

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In Thomas’ loft, Liam wants Steffy to come home with him. Talk turns to Quinn and her trip with Ridge before Steffy reiterates that she’s staying there until the divorce is final – and wants Liam to respect her decision. Liam wonders if it’s even her decision. He warns the allegiances formed between Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt can fall apart as fast as they were formed. Steffy assures him that what Quinn did, and her marriage to Wyatt, won’t always be between them. Liam notes her tattoo is hanging on. She jokes about cutting her finger off. Liam will find a ring big enough to cover what’s left.

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In San Francisco, Quinn tells Ridge he’s charming…but he’s not going to charm his way out of this one. Ridge-mock-Quinn-BB-HWShe drinks and they debate about whether he had her all wrong. Ridge mocks her. Quinn decides that no one know anything about anyone. She thinks Ridge is like everyone else – he wants to put her in her place and make her beg. As they continue to spar, Ridge remarks on his real father being Massimo and being an ‘imitation Forrester’. Quinn laughs about Thorne being the real deal and not being able to get out from under his shadow. Ridge points out she grew up without a father. “You can’t have mine.” Quinn sighs. They argue about what she wants from Eric, and her being a control freak where Wyatt is concerned. Quinn retorts that Ridge takes whatever he wants – was that what it was going to be with her? Ridge confesses he was going to take a picture of them and send it to Eric to show him he was wrong about her. Quinn complains that it had to be sexual and opines that women always lose. She calls Ridge the ultimate womanizer, who gets women into bed to make them a conquest before dropping them. “I’ve been that woman.” Quinn warns him not to sit in judgment of her, and order him to go.

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