In San Francisco, Quinn and Ridge wrap up their symposium inspired and invigorated. Back at the hotel, Quinn is upset that they were only given one room, but Ridge shrugs it off. He ‘reluctantly’ admits she was a real asset to Forrester at the symposium. Quinn ‘reluctantly’ accepts his praise. Ridge produces a bottle of tequila and pours two shots. They agree they still despise one another, toast, and drink. Quinn remarks on Eric’s wisdom in insisting on this trip. An employee comes to the door to say there are no more rooms available. Quinn announces she’s taking a bath, and Ridge adjourns to the bar.

At his loft, Thomas is surprised that Steffy moved out of Liam’s place. Steffy-Thomas-chat-BB-HWShe reiterates her reasons, and Thomas observes that Eric and Quinn have really been working on her. He guesses Wyatt is still fighting for her. Steffy admits he’s tenacious; any woman will be lucky to have him. She plans to pursue her future with Liam once the divorce is final. Thomas reflects on Quinn ending up front and center after everything she did to Steffy and Liam.

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In the office at Forrester, Wyatt gets a text and tells Liam that Quinn and Ridge’s symposium was a success. Liam mutters that he supposes someone’s plan is working. Wyatt rejoices about the tension easing and his mother finally getting the recognition she deserves. Liam is sure everyone will be seeing Quinn much more clearly after this. Wyatt puts him on notice that his glowering at everyone won’t change anything around there. He suggests Liam figure out a way to deal with the fact that Quinn is no family. Liam says he’s right, which seems to frustrate Wyatt more. He exits. Liam gets a call from Ridge, who assures him by this time tomorrow, Quinn will be out of the picture.

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Liam visits Steffy at the loft and they share a kiss. He encourages her to come home. They make out and Liam enthuses that they’re unstoppable.

At the hotel in San Francisco, Quinn emerges from the bath and Ridge pours more tequila. He talks about how impressed he was with her, and stunned, she pays him a compliment in return. Ridge watches her put body lotion on her legs until there’s a knock at the door – a porter delivers a key and reveals that a male caller had switched the original reservation. Quinn confronts Ridge – he’s trying to lead her down a path to seduce her and destroy her marriage. Ridge hollers that he had her ‘this close’ to falling. Quinn vows to tell Eric and have him cut out. “You’re the one that’s going to pay the price!”

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Quinn calls Ridge out for his plot to discredit her to Eric.

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