At the Forrester mansion, Eric informs Quinn and Ridge he wants them to go to a design symposium in San Francisco together. They protest, but he insists they need to get to know each other and to start appreciating one another. The accommodations have been booked and Eric will brook no argument. Quinn-Eric-rattled-BB-HWRidge decides it’s a good idea. Once alone, Eric assures Quinn that this is an opportunity for her to show the world who she really is. A rattled Quinn worries about messing up and letting him down. Eric believes in her.

Liam enters Steffy’s office as Wyatt refers to her as a ‘product’. They bicker until Thomas arrives. He mentions Caroline and Douglas stayed in New York – he came back to check in and wonders how Steffy swung the CEO position. Liam says that’s a question for Wyatt and Quinn. Liam gets a text and meets Ridge, who says he’s going out-of-town with Quinn. Liam marvels that he’s actually going through with his plan. Ridge will do whatever it takes to put Quinn in a compromising position. Liam worries Quinn won’t fall for it. Ridge assures him he knows women – she will be like a moth to a flame. Ridge phones the hotel and changes the booking for separate rooms to one. Liam’s stunned. He later returns to Steffy’s office where Thomas asks about his father. Liam announces he’s on a flight to San Francisco…with Quinn. After Thomas and Steffy leave, Wyatt receives a text from Quinn, who has arrived in San Francisco with Ridge. Wyatt comments on the odd pairing to Liam. Talk turns to Steffy, before switching back to Ridge and Quinn. Wyatt thinks Eric should have sent him and Steffy. They begin bickering again as Wyatt reminds Liam she is still his wife.

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Thomas and Steffy meet with Eric at home. Thomas agrees to pick up the slack with designing at work. The conversation turns to Ridge’s unhappiness with his father recently and his trip to the symposium with Quinn. Steffy questions the wisdom of them traveling together. Eric is certain they’ll behave professionally and appropriately. He anticipates Quinn proving herself. Steffy muses about them being passionate people who push each other’s buttons.

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In San Francisco, Quinn has nerves about public speaking and Ridge assures her she looks pretty. He tells her nothing bad will happen unless she wants it to happen. “You’re in control.” On stage, Ridge listens as Quinn gushes about designing for Forrester Creations and taking over as CEO for a time. Ridge confesses that the two of them don’t get along, but listening to her journey makes him realize he owes her an apology. She is floored when he admits the jewelry pass was a good idea, and says she was flawless in the showstopper. Quinn compliments him in return and they exchange a look. Ridge thinks to himself, “Tonight it all ends for you, Quinn Forrester.”

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