Liam surprises Steffy with breakfast at Forrester Creations. In another office, Wyatt teases Quinn about her tequila hangover. Quinn is disappointed that Steffy didn’t come back to him. They rehash the pitch they gave her. Wyatt feels Steffy needs to embrace her potential. Quinn urges him to be her champion. Wyatt heads to Steffy’s office where he finds Liam and Steffy kissing goodbye. Wyatt suggests, “Don’t do that here.” The brothers squabble and Steffy intervenes. Wyatt brings up the new product line. Liam argues she’s CEO, not a spokeswoman. Steffy tells Liam she has a meeting. Wyatt-another-shot-Steffy-BB-HWOnce alone, Wyatt says to Steffy, “You were with him last night, weren’t you?” Steffy tightly informs him she is only discussing the campaign. Wyatt lets her know he wasn’t trying to bribe her at Eric’s, although the offers stand. He goes on about her becoming a huge star if she only tries, and all the incredible things they could accomplish together. Wyatt takes another stab at convincing her not to end the marriage.

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At Bill’s place, she and Bill talk about Will loving her new house. He muses about her living next to Quinn, but she says being close to Eric is worth it. Katie asks if Bill is still pining over Brooke. Bill confirms he’s not giving up. Katie reveals that Brooke’s planning to go to Italy to see Hope, and is leaving today.

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In Brooke’s living room, Ridge and Brooke inform RJ of her impending trip to Italy. RJ presses for a wedding in Italy, but Ridge has things to take care of. RJ snaps, “Quinn. Yeah, I know.” Ridge has to look out for the company and the family. Later, Brooke answers her door to Bill, who heard she was leaving and wanted to see her before she left. He offers to clear his calendar and go with her; he will anchor the Stella Maris there. Brooke sighs – it’s not a good idea. Bill loves her and won’t give up on her. He insists Ridge isn’t her future and will betray her. Brooke’s car arrives. Bill tells her, “You will be my wife.” Their hands touch as he walks her out.

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Ridge arrives at Forrester Creations and tells Quinn he was with Brooke, saying goodbye since she’s headed to Italy. Quinn reveals that she’s not feeling well because Wyatt introduced her to tequila. She wonders what Ridge will do with Brooke gone. He admits he had an idea, and with Brooke gone he can focus on it. After, Liam finds Quinn and confronts her about their attempt to bribe Steffy. Quinn argues that they believe in her more than he does – he’s always trying to hold her back. Liam informs her that she hasn’t changed – this is mommy trying to give her son what she thinks he deserves. Ridge interrupts. Liam continues his rant at Quinn, who looks for Ridge’s reaction. Once alone, Liam presses Ridge to act now to get rid of Quinn.

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