In Malibu, Steffy tells Liam it doesn’t matter what her grandfather wants; this is what she wants – them loving each other for the rest of their lives. They kiss. Liam tries to convince her to get her stuff from Thomas’ and move back in. He says Quinn, Eric and Wyatt had an agenda, and coming back would send a clear message that they don’t get to interfere in their relationship from now on. Liam wants Steffy to let Quinn and her merry band of manipulators to know she’s onto them. Steffy worries it’s insensitive to Wyatt to be living with his brother. Liam reiterates that their goal is to make her one of them, and they’ll only increase the pressure. He worries they’ll get to her with their offerings before the waiting period ends – he can’t compete. Steffy reassures him that he offers something no one else does. They kiss, undress, and make love. After, they reflect on what will happen next. Steffy thinks Eric will keep Quinn in check, but Liam is doubtful. Steffy assures him that whatever they do, nothing will change before the divorce. “I love you so much.”

At the Forrester mansion, Eric has turned in early and Quinn and Wyatt remark on the earlier disappointment with Steffy. Quinn thinks once she absorbs it all, she’ll change her mind. Wyatt wonders when she became such an optimist. He points out that it doesn’t seem very hopeful where his wife is concerned; she’s probably with Liam right now. They crab about Liam. Wyatt complains that he needs a drink and opens a bottle of tequila. He downs a shot, and Quinn eventually accepts one too.

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At home, Ridge massages Brooke as she talks about missing Hope. She’s going to surprise her in Italy and is leaving tomorrow. Ridge suggests she bring her home for their wedding. Brooke notes he needs to make Quinn disappear first. Ridge agrees; it’s his first priority. Ridge-Brooke-dirty-plan-BB-HWBrooke warns him not to drag it out. Ridge says he knows what he has to do and he’s already doing it. Brooke asks for details. Ridge complains that Quinn has cost him his relationship with his dad and it’s time for something extreme. Brooke notes his tension. Ridge just can’t get Quinn out of his mind. Brooke kisses him and they fall onto the bed. After making love, talk turns back to their wedding and getting rid of Quinn. Ridge will do whatever he has to do, short of using weapons – he’s a lover, not a fighter. Later, Brooke is talking to Ridge, as he’s texting Quinn to meet him tomorrow at the office. He assures Brooke he is driven to protect the family and though it might get a little dirty, he will get it done.

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Quinn receives Ridge’s text in the Forrester living room after imbibing a few tequila shots. She tells Wyatt, who warns her about her one-on-one meetings with Ridge – people might start to talk.

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