At Forrester Creations, Ridge tells Liam he’ll have to be patient as he rants about Quinn. They discuss Eric, who threw Liam out of his house. Ridge muses that his father doesn’t stay mad for long – except with him. Liam exits, and returns to announce that Steffy’s not back from her meeting. Liam-Ridge-patience-BB-HWRidge learns she is with Quinn, Eric, and Wyatt. He remarks on Steffy’s photos being all over the Internet and wonders what they’ll come up with next. The conversation turns back to Ridge getting rid of Quinn. He doesn’t have a choice. Liam warns him to be careful. Ridge says he’s a big boy. Liam replies, “She eats those for breakfast.”

In the Forrester mansion living room, Wyatt, Quinn, and Eric press Steffy to move in there with them. Eric offers to bequeath the house to her – it will skip a generation – all she has to do is commit now. They keep up the pitch by saying she’ll never have to live alone or be alone again; everything she needs is there. Talk turns to her one million dollar payment for the new line. She argues that it’s too much. Quinn talks about how great Steffy’s portrait will look over the mantle when she and Wyatt move in. Steffy reiterates that she is committed to Liam and will be moving back in with him after the divorce is final. Wyatt clears his throat and asks her to rethink the deal for the new line. She agrees; he’s an excellent salesman. Wyatt wonders what he might be able to sell her in the future. After Steffy leaves, Wyatt thinks the portrait thing went too far. He appreciates their help, but wants to work on his marriage himself. Eric and Quinn apologize for helping too much. Wyatt tells Quinn he loves her. She starts in about how great life will be for him. Wyatt advises they quit while they’re ahead. After, Quinn laments to Eric that she still feels so responsible for Wyatt’s unhappiness.

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Brooke and RJ chat in her kitchen about Ridge refusing to get married until a certain person is out of their way. RJ thinks it’s Bill, but then realizes it’s Quinn. RJ feels she isn’t going anywhere – she’ll outlive Eric and turn his mansion into a goth hangout. Brooke chastises him. RJ doesn’t see how Ridge will get rid of Quinn. Brooke notes he didn’t give specifics, but is very motivated. Later, Ridge arrives and RJ calls him out about waiting to get married because of Quinn. Ridge tells him not to worry about Quinn. “I’ve got it.” Once alone, Brooke announces to her fiancé that she’s going to Italy to see Hope – he’s too busy focusing on Quinn. Ridge decides it’s not a bad idea. He relates that Eric kicked him out of the house again this morning. He’s not lost, though, because he has her. Brooke looks forward to them saying their vows when she returns.

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Steffy finds Liam at home. He asks about her meeting and she reveals they want her to move into her grandfather’s house. Liam is irritated – she knows Quinn is behind this, yet is letting it happen. Steffy argues that Eric wants to build a line of products around her and leave the house to her. Liam wants her to acknowledge that they’re trying to buy her. Steffy replies, “They believe in me.” Liam sighs. Steffy announces that she turned them down. “You’re the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.” They kiss.

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