At Forrester Creations, Wyatt enthuses to Steffy about her numbers on social media and asks about their upcoming meeting with Eric. She is distracted and down – Liam is in pain and she is just supposed to feel good about it. Once alone, Steffy tells Thomas by phone that she is set up at the loft and will be okay once the divorce is final and flashes to a happier time with Liam. Liam-Ridge-strategy-BB-HWIn another office, Liam and Ridge discuss Quinn and how she’s trying to hurt Liam. He can feel Steffy slipping away. They talk about Ridge’s run-in with Eric, and how his father is bound to get burned. Ridge laments that Quinn has Eric all tied up to do whatever she wants. “God only knows what that is.” The conversation turns to the need to get Steffy out of this situation before she gets brainwashed. Ridge vows they’ll see to it that doesn’t happen. They rehash what Quinn’s managed to accomplish thus far. Liam flashes to romantic times with Steffy, as Ridge assures him it’s not over. Liam worries Quinn’s toying with Ridge, but he’s confident she’ll cross the line and his dad will never look at her the same way again. Liam hopes Steffy will resist the pressure from Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt.

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In the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric how great it would be if Steffy moved in there with them and Wyatt. She decides that Steffy needs to move in there. Eric cautions that she’s feeling pressured. Quinn presses him to ask her again – he’s given her so much it’s not a lot to ask. Eric is convinced. Wyatt enters to prepare for their meeting. Quinn announces that they’re going to get Steffy to move in there so they can move on with their married life. When Steffy arrives, Eric thanks her for moving out of Liam’s. She counters that’s not on the agenda for the meeting. Wyatt begins a presentation about the success of his online media campaign and Steffy being the face of the brand. He plays a video about Steffy of Beverly Hills; a new product line. Steffy learns he went to R&D about the new line without telling her, but she’s blown away. It was a surprise from all of them for Steffy, who will get a million dollars for her own brand. Wyatt gushes about how she’s inspiring and people want to be around her…like her husband. Eric talks about being a team and needing to stay close. He asks her to move in there. She remembers her promise to Liam to return to him as Eric, Quinn, and Wyatt press her to move into the mansion and pick up her life with her husband. Eric then reveals a portrait of Steffy. “This home can be yours one day, and it will be if you do this with us now.” Eric and Quinn urge her to think about how good it would be to be with Wyatt again. Wyatt makes his pitch, and insists his mother has changed. Eric booms, “Give your marriage to Wyatt another go.” All three of them pressure Steffy to agree to ‘come home’.

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