At Forrester Creations, Steffy walks in on Liam and Ridge as they’re discussing Quinn. Ridge leaves them alone. Steffy tells Liam it’s hard being away from him. He wonders if Eric has ever inserted himself into her personal life before. Steffy admits he hasn’t. Liam wants her to realize how much Quinn is behind all of this. Steffy insists that even if that’s true, they don’t have to allow it to affect them. Liam’s Quinn radar is off the charts and he won’t let anyone hurt her. Elsewhere, Ivy is disappointed in Quinn for flirting with Eric’s son in the steam room. Quinn protests that she isn’t having an affair with Ridge; she can’t stand the guy. Ivy complains about them holding a conversation while she was stark naked. Quinn sniffs that Ivy wouldn’t understand; sometimes her old instincts kick in. She insists Ivy should not doubt her loyalty to Eric.

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In the Forrester living room, Wyatt talks to Eric about a project at work. Eric thinks it’s all about his devotion to Steffy, and hopes they find the same love and commitment he’s found with Quinn. Eric-Wyatt-chat-BB-HWLater, Ridge arrives to see Eric. He notes the family has been off-track since his father got together with Quinn and he wants to see if they can normalize things. Eric assumes he wants back in as CEO. Ridge thinks he’s being punished because he won’t play nice with his wife. Eric thinks Steffy can unify them, where Ridge has been divisive. Frustrated, Ridge wonders how they got here. They start arguing about Quinn. Ridge gets choked up; he loves Eric, and the way he sees the best in people. “Don’t make me do this…” Ridge wonders what if he could prove to Eric that Quinn wasn’t worthy of his trust? Eric calls his bluff and invites his son to bring him proof; he knows Quinn will never let him down. Ridge sighs. He’s going to have to show him the naked truth. Their arguing becomes more heated until Eric throws Ridge out of the house to gather his proof. Ridge intones that someone is going to have to be sacrificed to stop Quinn. “You want that to be me?” Eric replies, “Go on. Get out.”

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Wyatt and Nicole bust in on Liam and Steffy sharing a kiss in her office. Nicole wonders if they should come back later, but Wyatt says no, they have work to do. This leads to Wyatt and Liam arguing about the campaign. Liam argues that Wyatt is making Steffy vulnerable to online creeps and since she is the CEO it’s diminishing to her. He is not okay with Wyatt objectifying her. Bickering continues about her corporate image and the Liam’s ‘Fuller conspiracy theory’. Steffy assures Liam she can protect herself. Elsewhere, Quinn continues to try to convince Ivy that she has no feelings for Ridge. Ivy asks her to look her in the eye and tell her she has no desire for him. Quinn reassures her. Once alone, Quinn flashes to all Ridge’s’ touches and sighs deeply.

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