At Forrester Creations, Liam wants more information on how exactly Ridge plans to get rid of Quinn. Ridge remarks on her eyes, and Liam warns him not to get sucked in. He worries that Eric may never forgive Ridge if he goes through with his plan. Ridge maintains if he’s going down, he’s taking Quinn with him. Liam wonders if there’s a better way, but Ridge rants that he’s tired of sitting around waiting for Eric to wise up. Liam is concerned that Ridge will lose the company as well as his father. Ridge throws his hands up – he’ll get another job. They talk about Eric stooping so low as to manipulate Steffy. Ridge assures Liam that he’s confident in his plan due to the way Quinn looks at him, and allows him to touch her. Liam is confused that Ridge seems fine with Quinn being ‘onto him’. Ridge tells Liam it will make sense soon, and promises he won’t cross any line – Quinn will. Liam is hopeful Ridge can pull this off, but feels he’s playing a dangerous game. Ridge believes Quinn will risk everything and they’ll get that toxic woman out of their lives for good. He declares that Quinn’s days with Eric are all but over.

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In Quinn’s bedroom, she is thinking about Ridge when Ivy appears. She heard Quinn with Ridge outside the steam room and wonders if she cheated on Eric. Quinn scrambles to explain that Ridge saw her naked in the outdoor shower, but she hasn’t been unfaithful. Quinn begs her to keep quiet. Downstairs, Steffy tells Eric how upset she is about letting Liam down by moving out. She wants Eric to see Liam’s point of view for just one second. Eric says Quinn and Wyatt aren’t going anywhere, and urges her to stick it out with Wyatt and work on her marriage. Steffy makes it clear she and Liam haven’t broken up. Eric wonders what if Hope comes back, and then talks about how he’ll never trust Ridge to run the company again. Steffy notices Eric is planning a fancy dinner. Eric buzzes upstairs to tell Quinn to put on the Forrester original in the closet; he has a surprise for her.

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In the bedroom, Ivy urges Quinn to stop flirting with Ridge. Quinn wants her to give it a rest. Ivy presses her, and Quinn admits to the other run-ins with Ridge. Ivy is stunned to hear he touched her. Quinn insists she’s not attracted to Ridge; they’re just messing with each other’s heads. Ivy worries Ridge has an agenda. Quinn vows she won’t let him ruin her marriage. Quinn-Eric-romance-BB-HWIn the living room, Eric is glad Steffy moved out, but he has another request – he wants her to move in there with him, Quinn, and Wyatt. Steffy is stunned. She isn’t just a gift he can give his wife; she chooses who she lives with. Eric wants her with Wyatt; he wants her to have what he has with Quinn. Later, Eric romances Quinn over dinner. Quinn looks uneasy when he says a little flirtation is a good thing, but assures Eric of her commitment to him. They slow dance. Quinn never wants to lose him.

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