At Forrester Creations, Quinn informs Wyatt that Eric got Steffy to move out of Liam’s place. Wyatt opines that Eric’s a good guy – she’d better not screw it up. Quinn counters that he’d better not waste this chance with Steffy. Once alone, Quinn thinks about Ridge, and Wyatt urging her not to screw things up with Eric. Ridge enters and suggests they collaborate. Quinn asks, “What are you doing?” Ridge insists he’s doing what’s best for the company. Ridge asks for her opinion on a gown and takes her hand to run it over the fabric. Quinn pulls her hand away and clears her throat. She reminds him they agreed to keep their distance. Katie enters. “What’s going on?” Quinn stammers that they were working on a design. Ridge declares that he and Quinn are done with each other and exits.

In Thomas’ loft, Liam and Steffy bicker about her moving out. Steffy assures him she will come back when the divorce is final and insists she’s not being manipulated by Quinn. After, Steffy phones Carter and presses him to speed up the divorce. Nicole arrives and Steffy updates her. Nicole feels with two Spencer men fighting over her, Steffy’s life won’t be settled for a while.

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Liam finds Wyatt at Forrester and warns him he’s not going to get away with this. Liam complains about Quinn trying to hand his brother Steffy on a silver platter and assures him it’s not going to happen. They bicker about whether Quinn put Eric up to it, and Wyatt is intrigued to learn Steffy has relocated to the loft. He defends his mother, and the arguing turns to Liam disrespecting Wyatt’s marriage. Liam thinks Wyatt is ignoring reality, and tells him this won’t work – Steffy will stay loyal to him. Wyatt exits, and says he has somewhere to be. Later, Liam finds Ridge and updates him on Quinn using Eric to manipulate Steffy. Ridge assures Liam the plan is on track; Quinn is falling for him. Liam worries about the cost to Ridge and wonders how far he’ll go. Ridge will put her in a compromising position and she’ll lose Eric. Ridge says this is the Hail Mary pass – he has to do this and bring her to her knees. Elsewhere, Katie tells Quinn she visited Eric, in the interest of transparency. Quinn assures her she’s not insecure. Katie can see how happy she makes Eric, and how committed she is to him. She goes on about loyalty being so important to Eric. Once alone, Quinn flashes to Ridge and agonizes.

Wyatt arrives at Thomas’ loft. “I heard you got a new pad.” Steffy tells him it’s temporary. Wyatt-Steffy-visit-BB-HWWyatt says Liam paid him a visit at work and alludes to her leaving him. Steffy corrects that she didn’t leave him. Wyatt suggests she move back in with her husband at the beach house. Steffy declines. She tells him her relationship with Liam hasn’t changed. Wyatt offers to help with her boxes, but she wants to do it herself. Wyatt insists he’s not trying to complicate things, he just wants to be there for her.

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