In Malibu, Steffy and Liam debate about Eric’s interference in their relationship. She insists she loves Liam and wants to live with him. Liam asks her to tell her grandfather she’s not leaving. Steffy insists Eric isn’t pressuring her, but Liam disagrees. He argues that they can’t keep letting Quinn rip them apart. Steffy paces and blows out candles. Liam thinks she’s already decided; her grandfather really got to her. Steffy says she’s decided nothing, and the debating continues. Liam maintains that Quinn’s plan to drive a wedge between them is working. “You see that, right?”

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn looks at her portrait as Ridge’s words flash through her mind. Eric appears. He notices she’s not herself and wonders if Ridge has found a new way to get to her. Quinn-Eric-not-yourself-BB-HWQuinn reassures him, and talk turns to Steffy. Eric reveals that he spoke to his granddaughter about moving out of Liam’s place and goes on about Wyatt being a stand-up guy. Quinn tells Eric she doesn’t deserve him. Eric decides to call Steffy and find out if he got through to her. He asks Steffy to put him on speakerphone and reiterates that she and Liam must respect Wyatt and the institution of marriage. Steffy must move out.

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In the Malibu house, Liam shouts to Eric, on speakerphone, that Quinn is manipulating him. Eric hangs up. Frustrated, Liam rants and reiterates to Steffy that Quinn is putting the words in Eric’s mouth. Steffy announces she’ll move out, and they will pick up where they left off the minute the divorce is final. She kisses him. Liam looks crushed. Steffy says she’s sorry and asks him never to doubt how much she loves him. Once outside, Steffy sobs. Inside, Liam has tears on his face.

Brooke arrives at Forrester Creations and canoodles with Ridge. She notices his damp hair and he says he took a steam. Brooke asks, “Alone? Or with somebody I know?” Ridge shrugs that it was a spontaneous thing and he’ll invite her next time. Talk turns to work. Brooke wonders if Steffy and Quinn are still around. She notices Ridge used Quinn’s design in his latest sketch. He admits he’s trying to throw her off and has a few things up his sleeve. Brooke is skeptical and questions what he is up to. He informs his fiancée he will do whatever it takes to get Quinn out of their lives. Later, Ridge takes a call from Liam, who updates him on Steffy moving out – they have to do something about Quinn. Ridge says he’s on it. Liam worries about Ridge betraying his father or the whole thing backfiring. Ridge insists when he’s done with Quinn, Eric will want nothing to do with her. He will risk his relationship with his father for the good of the company. “That woman has to go.”

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At home, Quinn receives a text from Ridge saying she was right – they need to stay far away from each other. She replies, “Ok,” and then flashes to Ridge touching her while lying in bed.

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