At the Forrester Creations Halloween bash, Caroline admires Thomas’ sexy costume and remarks that if their son has half the body he does, he’ll be very popular with the ladies. They do shots and talk excitedly about taking Douglas out trick or treating in a couple of years. Zende appears and chats. He’s waiting on Nicole to arrive. After, Pam and Charlie appear, dressed in period costumes, and joke with Caroline and Thomas.

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At Brooke’s house, Maya asks Nicole if she’s sure about being a surrogate again. Nicole wants to do it and feels she will be able to get Zende to come around. Maya gushes about how much this means.

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In Bill’s living room, Reverend Brown continues with the wedding ceremony. He asks if anyone knows any reason why Brooke and Bill should not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace. Nothing is said, but when the reverend continues, Bill interrupts. He complains that Ridge tainted their wedding day…they deserve better. She will be his wife, but not today. Bill walks away as Brooke protests about him leaving her at the altar. Later, Bill wanders around the empty darkened living room alone and takes a drink as he flashes to Brooke.

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Zende meets Nicole in a Forrester Creations office at her request. She breaks the news that she told Maya she would be their surrogate again. She tries to explain her intense connection to her sister and Lizzie. Zende shouts that it’s not her responsibility to have babies for them! Nicole wants to do it. Zende reminds her he was adopted – why can’t they do that, or use another surrogate. He feels Nicole cannot expect him to do this again. Nicole replies that it’s been decided. Zende asks how she could do this to them. Nicole doesn’t want to lose him. Zende walks out on her. In another office, Maya shares the happy development with Rick. They embrace. At the Halloween party, Thomas and Caroline spot Zende drinking alone. They are unable to find out what’s going on or stop him from imbibing. As they dance, Zende joins Sasha, who is also dressed as a vampire. He pulls her outside and tells her about Nicole’s decision. Sasha can’t believe it. Zende says it’s over…he’s done. Sasha kisses him.

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Brooke is in her kitchen when RJ enters. He admits he pushed Ridge to go over there and asks if she and Bill got married. Brooke informs him Bill called it off. RJ thinks it’s the best thing. Brooke warns him not to get his hopes up about her and Ridge. RJ wants to do something to celebrate Halloween, but Brooke wants to be alone. Later, Ridge shows up and RJ updates him on the wedding cancellation. They pat each other on the back for interfering. Ridge promises to bring the family back together. Upstairs, Brooke cries in the dark and flashes to Bill.

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