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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric she can’t let him marry her when it means losing his family. Quinn feels his family wants to be heard, and Eric shouldn’t do this without them. “It’s not going to happen, we are not getting married today.” Eric says his family made a choice, and he won’t let them interfere with his choice. He chooses to do this. Eric makes a speech of how Quinn inspires and surprises him every day. She’s changed his life, and he wants her in it as his wife. Eric thanks Ivy for being there and tells Reverend Murphy to begin the ceremony. Vows are exchanged and they make personal promises to one another. They talk about how much has changed since they first felt a spark. Ivy beams as they place the rings on their fingers and pledge their love and endless devotion to each other. Reverend Murphy pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss. Afterward, Eric invites Ivy to stay and enjoy the food, but she elects to leave them alone. As Eric and Quinn move to cut the cake, Reverend Murphy shakes Eric’s hand – he can tell they’ll have a strong marriage. Later, Eric looks at photos of his family members and admits to Quinn how disappointed he is in them for not showing up. Quinn assures him she is there for him – for the rest of their lives. She suggests they jump straight to the honeymoon. Eric tells her to go on upstairs; he has something he needs to do. Once alone, Eric pulls out the power-of-attorney form Ridge wanted him to sign and looks thoughtful. Quinn reappears. Eric informs her they don’t need anyone else. “We have each other.” Quinn is appalled that Wyatt and Eric’s family didn’t show up, but she won’t let it spoil the honeymoon. Eric has a gift for her – he reveals a portrait of her, which has taken the place of Stephanie’s. Quinn loves it…and him. They kiss.

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At Forrester Creations, Thorne, Zende, and even Thomas begin to have second thoughts about boycotting Eric’s wedding. Steffy and Ridge are resolute. Ridge announces that no one is going over there. Thorne beats himself up for not showing up to be Eric’s best man. Ridge thinks the best thing to do is to stand against Eric marrying Quinn. Ivy arrives and announces that they broke Uncle Eric’s heart for absolutely no reason – he went through with it. “He and Quinn are married.” Ivy scolds them all and reveals that Quinn tried to stop the very disappointed Eric from going through with it, but he insisted. Thorne declares the boycott was a mistake. Steffy can’t believe Eric would do something so destructive on impulse.

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