Phoebe is lying in bed at her father’s house, flipping through a photo album filled with pictures of her and Rick. Her cell phone rings. It’s Rick, begging her not to hang up on him. She says she told him not to call her anymore. He says he has to see her right away. She tells him that Ridge won’t let him come over and tells him that she doesn’t want him there, anyway. She blows up a little, reminding him that he slept with another woman “48 hours” after she broke up with him, and then refuses to talk about it anymore, and hangs up on him.

Ashley shows up at Stephanie’s house. Stephanie is about to give Ashley and Ridge a sweet deal at work that will allow them more time to spend together, but Ashley interrupts, telling Stephanie that she and Ridge broke up. She goes on to tell Stephanie that the reason behind their breakup was that Ridge found out there was another man in Ashley’s life before him and that the other man was Rick. Stephanie is shocked. She says this is why Ridge didn’t want Rick and Phoebe – “that poor baby girl” – involved with one another. Ashley tells Stephanie that Ridge is finished with her, says that she’s going to go to the office and pack her things, and that she won’t fight the termination of her contract. Stephanie cuts her off, telling her to stop it. Ashley says she’s there to apologize to Stephanie for hurting Ridge when Stephanie has been so wonderful to her. Stephanie says Ridge has been hurt before and he’ll get over it. “As far as catastrophes in relationships with my son, I’m afraid this doesn’t rank very high,” Stephanie says. To Ashley’s surprise, Stephanie is not angry with her, but says she’ll be angry if Ashley doesn’t fight for Ridge. She tells Ashley that she’s going to support her, saying she hasn’t seen Ridge this happy in years. “You’re not going to leave the company,” she says. “You’re not going to leave L.A.” They hug, sealing the deal.

Rick is daydreaming, recalling the scene between him and Phoebe in the lab when she found out about him and Ashley. Bridget comes in and Rick tries to get her to call Phoebe thinking Phoebe will answer her phone if she thinks it’s Bridget calling. He tells Bridget about the break up and says he can’t let Phoebe go. Bridget is shocked that Rick told Phoebe about his fling with Ashley, saying Phoebe has good reason to be upset. “You had sex with another woman the day after Phoebe broke up with you. It’s pretty bad,” she says. Bridget thinks Rick won’t get Phoebe back, and wonders aloud why Mexico even happened in the first place. Rick says whatever it is between him and Ashley is “chemical” – that he thinks it’s love of some sort, but not the kind of love he feels with Phoebe. He calls his love with Phoebe “real.” Bridget tells him to give Phoebe time to process everything, but Rick is determined – he races off to Ridge’s house.

Ridge has asked Taylor and Brooke over so he can talk to them about Rick and Ashley. They, too, are shocked about what happened. Ridge tells them he’s worried about Phoebe, and says he doesn’t think Rick’s going to accept it that Phoebe’s through with him. He tells the ladies that he believes Rick is going to try to get a second chance and “it’s up to us to make sure he doesn’t get one.” Brooke, trying her best to defend Rick, wants to know if Ridge has even heard Rick’s side of the story. Ridge says he isn’t interested in Rick’s side of the story. “He broke her heart, just like I knew he would,” Ridge says. Rick bursts in, and blows off a bunch of steam about nobody standing in his way of getting Phoebe back. Ridge tells him that they are all planning to stand in his way of getting her back. Taylor, who hasn’t said much so far, steps forward and chews Rick out a little, saying, “You told all of us here that you would never do anything at all to hurt Phoebe.” Rick answers, “I made a mistake in the heat of the moment. Who here in this room can say they haven’t done that?” He goes on to say how sorry he is and how he wants Phoebe back. He doesn’t realize that Phoebe is at the top of the stairs, listening to his every word. Once he realizes she’s there, they talk, looking a little like Romeo and Juliet, with her up on the balcony and him down below pouring his heart out to her. He tells her that he loves her and that he needs her and begs her to come back to him. Phoebe comes downstairs. Ridge is heckling in the background, yelling to Phoebe that it’s too late, but she brushes him off, syaing, “I’m old enough to make my own decisions.” She talks about all the old, wonderful times that she and Rick had together, giving Rick a ray of hope that she’s going to change her mind. But then she says that while she doesn’t regret any of the time they spent together, it’s over. She kisses him on the cheek and goes back upstairs, leaving Rick dejected, angry, and tearful…literally given the “kiss-off” in front of Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor.