At Thomas’ studio, Eric tells Steffy he doesn’t think she left her husband because of his mother. Leaving Wyatt won’t get Quinn out of her life. He wonders if it’s just an excuse to get back with Liam. Steffy reiterates that nobody supports this – his involvement with Quinn is dangerous – that’s what this is about. They’re all worried about him, and her marriage is in jeopardy because of Quinn. Eric protests that Quinn has changed. He urges Steffy to let her prove it. “She’s not going to hurt anyone.” Steffy disagrees – she will; him most of all. Steffy adds that Quinn doesn’t ask, she manipulates.

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Wyatt and Liam bicker at the Malibu house. Wyatt’s concerned about his marriage and Liam’s lack of respect. Liam cares about Steffy, and getting her away from his mother. Wyatt questions Liam’s romantic set-up for Steffy. Liam won’t deny how he feels about her. Wyatt challenges him to act with integrity. “Give my marriage a chance.” Liam wonders how many chances he needs and gripes that he can’t control his mother. They rehash whether Wyatt and Steffy would be married if not for Quinn. Liam informs his brother that sooner or later, he and Steffy will continue the life Quinn stole from them. Wyatt exits. Later, Steffy arrives. Liam wants her to feel safe and cared for. She sighs that it’s complicated. He feels it doesn’t have to be and talks about them being happy there. Steffy reveals that Eric accused her of using Quinn as an excuse to come back to him. She sighs that she can’t be with him or Wyatt right now. Liam blames Quinn for all of this.

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Ivy arrives at Forrester Creations and tells Quinn that what’s going on between her and Uncle Eric is unbelievable. Quinn muses if she wants to give her a hard time to take a number. Ivy shrugs that Eric’s personal life is his business. She is back because she misses the company and is hoping Quinn can help her. Ivy gushes about working with Quinn before – her designs hit a new level. She will do anything to come back. Quinn realizes Ivy is offering to be an ally if she will talk to Eric for her. Ivy insists she has a whole new perspective, and Quinn must have too now that she’s with Eric. Quinn looks thoughtful and tells Ivy she’ll get back to her. After, Wyatt shows up, furious with Quinn for ruining his life. He rails that Steffy was correct that Quinn couldn’t be trusted, and rants about Liam planning to romance Steffy. Quinn goes on high alert and vows to do everything in her power to ensure his marriage doesn’t end. Wyatt notes that scares him. Once alone, Quinn calls Ivy, who confirms she will be loyal to her. Quinn states, “I could really use you, Ivy.”

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