Wyatt visits Steffy at Thomas’ pad. He wants her to come home. They debate about Quinn. Wyatt insists he’s written her off. He attempted to put her out of the Forrester mansion but Eric intervened. Steffy grumbles that Quinn owns him now. As much as Wyatt wants to fix this, he can’t control everything – perhaps Steffy could try and control her grandfather. Steffy goes on about Quinn permeating her life. Wyatt suggests she let it play out – he thinks she’s underestimating Eric – and in the meantime, she should come home. She can’t. They bicker back and forth. Steffy insists leaving him is her only hope – when she committed to him the stipulation was that Quinn would be out of their lives for good. Wyatt vows to end Eric and Quinn and save their marriage.

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At Liam’s place, Thomas wants to know how things went between him and Steffy. He wants the best for his sister, and that’s Liam. Liam says it went well, but not well enough that they’re back together. Thomas says Steffy is haunted by thoughts of Quinn. They discuss Wyatt’s inability to get his mother to back off. Liam feels Steffy won’t put up with Quinn living with her grandfather. He thinks Steffy’s safety has to take precedence over her marriage. Thomas senses she’s ready to end things with Wyatt. Liam thinks he should invite her over. Thomas is all for it. Later, Wyatt arrives and starts in on Liam about respecting his marriage. Liam counters that Wyatt can’t protect Steffy. Wyatt wants him to back off.

Charlie and Pam inform Quinn that nobody wants her at Forrester Creations. Quinn wants to find a way to make this work. Pam sniffs, “With you and Eric, my sister’s husband? Never.” Charlie warns he’ll be watching every move she makes. Eric appears. Pam asks him, “How could you?” and tells him she feels like she’s going to be sick. Eric assures them if Quinn reverts to her former behavior, she’ll be out. Charlie and Pam mutter about the office pool speculating it will take about a week. Quinn tries to make nice with Pam, who won’t fall for her act. Quinn insists she’s not that person anymore. After, Quinn complains to Eric that no one wants her there, and that Steffy and Wyatt are living apart. Eric will talk to Steffy. Once alone, Quinn flashes to Wyatt’s anger at her. Outside, Zende finds Sasha working out. She lets him know about her new connection with Thomas. She wants him to be happy for her. Zende remains mum. Later, Zende runs into Thomas and tells him he knows about his new friendship with Sasha. Thomas admits she makes him smile.

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Steffy and Eric discuss the Quinn situation at Thomas’ studio. Eric stands by his choices. “It’s my life.” Steffy reminds him how Quinn interfered in her life with devastating consequences. Eric concedes it’s a risk, but he wonders if she’s using him as an excuse to get closer to Liam.

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