In Bill’s living room, Brooke marvels at his indecent proposal. Bill says it’s the best deal she’ll ever make. He reiterates that she came to him with a business proposition regarding his 12.5% shares in Forrester and he offered a counter proposal – he’ll sign them over to her as a wedding gift. Brooke gasps that he’s outrageous. Bill is in love with her and knows she loves him too. He sees the future and life is good. Bill urges her to think about it, and then accept the deal. They kiss. Brooke beams. Later, Justin arrives with Katie’s ‘sweetened’ deal. Bill pronounces that it’s sweet enough to put him in a diabetic coma. He updates Justin on how good Katie seems, and tells his lawyer he’s offered the 12.5% to Brooke as a wedding present. He confirms to Justin that he has a clear conscience where Katie’s concerned.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie warns Ridge that Bill might cough up his shares to Brooke, but he’ll want something in return…and they both know what, or who, that will be. Katie maintains Brooke and Bill are looking for any excuse to be together, and the shares may be just the reason they need. Brooke arrives. Ridge is anxious to hear about the shares. Brooke announces Bill offered them to her…as a wedding gift. Katie wonders if she gave her answer – it’s the perfect solution. Brooke begins to protest. Katie tells her to just do it. She assures Brooke at length that she’s moving forward, and adds that she’s not like her and doesn’t need a man to validate her. Brooke senses she’s angry, but Katie insists that would be a waste of time. She tells Brooke, “Do what comes naturally to you.” She’ll accept Bill’s settlement and move on. Once alone, Ridge and Brooke discuss the situation at Forrester. She wants Quinn out, and Ridge and Rick working together. Ridge wonders at what price – marrying the tool Bill Spencer? Brooke takes a call from Bill – he wants an answer tomorrow. Ridge asks what she’ll do.

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Nicole drops sketches off at Thomas’ place where he’s shirtless and has just been kissing Sasha. Nicole wonders what her half-sister is doing there. Thomas and Sasha explain they’ve become friends. Nicole takes in the scene and is skeptical. Thomas goes to retrieve his phone outside. Nicole questions Sasha about the nature of their relationship. Sasha is defensive, but admits Thomas is a cool guy and she wants to take the ride. She asks Nicole not to get in the way of this. They rehash their issues. Nicole says Thomas has a son with Caroline – is he even available? Thomas returns. He pushes for Nicole to trust Sasha. Nicole will try. They hug. After, Sasha kisses Thomas for defending her again.

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