In the office at Forrester Creations, Katie and Ridge rehash the end of her marriage to Bill. Ridge is pleased to hear she feels good and isn’t drinking. She also feels vindicated regarding her suspicions about Brooke and Bill. Talk turns to Eric. Ridge worries he’s losing it a little bit. Katie muses it could be a phase – he may be trying to recapture his youth. Ridge is concerned and is keen to get Bill’s shares. Katie doubts Eric will let Quinn make company decisions or will marry her. Ridge isn’t so sure – they need control of the company. Katie muses that he’s been spending time with Brooke. Is something happening between them? Ridge insists it’s all business. Katie warns if he’s not careful, Brooke and Bill will get together. Ridge chortles that Bill’s no good for anybody. Katie opines that Bill usually gets what he wants. “You might just get Bill’s shares of Forrester.”

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At Bill’s place, he tells Brooke it’s their time and the house is theirs now – Katie’s getting a generous settlement. Brooke still feels guilty. Bill insists Katie’s happier than she’s been in a long time, and they are free to be together. He tells Brooke he knows she loves him, that’s why she came. Brooke brings up Quinn. Bill realizes Ridge got in her ear and she came to talk about his Forrester shares. Brooke fills him in on Quinn infiltrating their company and the mansion. She reminds him Quinn’s in their lives because he shares a child with her. Bill chuckles when she asks him to sign his shares over to Ridge. Brooke urges him to let him buy them then. Bill refuses to discuss shares – he only wants to talk about them. Brooke hedges, “But, Katie…” Bill is fed up. “It’s always been you.” He offers Brooke a deal. If she gets Katie to sign off on the divorce, he’ll gift Brooke his Forrester shares…on their wedding day.

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By Thomas’ pool, Sasha tells him this is just the beginning; she’s got big plans for him. He grins. She offers to lend an ear regarding his family drama. Thomas divulges that Steffy moved in with him and the family seems to be falling apart at the seams. Sasha urges him to enjoy the sun and let it all go. Thomas credits her with helping him clear his head. Sasha goes to get lemonade. When she returns, Sasha helps Thomas relax by describing Hawaii, and he says he’ll take her there some time. Sasha has to go for a fitting but Thomas will have it rescheduled. She bops him – he’ll get her fired. They kiss before she leaves.

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