In his office, Bill flashes to memories of Brooke. Katie walks in. She informs him she moved out of the house to get a fresh start. It was always more his, and now he can live there with Brooke. Bill avoids answering if he and Brooke intend to be together. Katie remarks that she preferred their house at the beach. She then asks Bill not to put Brooke in their former bedroom, as it would confuse Will. Katie brings up the settlement. Bill makes it clear he won’t relinquish his Forrester shares – there’s no way the Dressmaker is getting his 12.5%. They proceed to have a civil conversation about moving on and Katie being stronger. Katie looks forward to seeing a new sweetened deal from Justin, but accepts there’s no chance of acquiring the shares.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy and Thomas update Brooke and Ridge on her giving Quinn and ultimatum and moving out on Wyatt. They all discuss the dilemma with Eric. Brooke says Ridge has a plan. Ridge confides it surrounds Bill’s shares. Steffy and Thomas agree with the plan as it means putting Quinn out of the company. Brooke tells them Ridge is hoping Katie will get the shares in her divorce settlement. Ridge interjects that they don’t have time for a lengthy court battle, so he’s come up with a different approach. Thomas and Steffy pledge their support, and not to tell anyone. Once alone, Ridge tells Brooke there is something she can do to help. He wants her to talk Bill into selling him the shares – even at a higher price. Brooke, reluctant, says, “We both know he’ll want something in return.” Ridge supposes that’s a relationship with her. He declares that’s not going to happen because she belongs with him – running Forrester together. Brooke takes a call from Bill and agrees to meet him. Ridge assures her she doesn’t have to do this, but the family and business depends on it. In the other office, Steffy flashes through her conflict with Quinn and leaving Wyatt. Thomas enters. They speculate about whether Brooke will go along with Ridge’s plan. She has history with both Ridge and Bill. Steffy laments that there’s no escaping Quinn. Thomas insists Ridge’s plan is the first step to getting rid of her. Later, Katie arrives to see Ridge. She breaks the bad news about the shares. Ridge is hoping Logan will get the shares.

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At Bill’s house, he has a romantic set-up for Brooke. He knows they love each other and always will. When his divorce is final, they’ll get married. Bill declares he won’t live another moment without her in his life – their future together starts today.

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