Ridge arrives at Brooke’s place seeking coffee and grumbling about his hotel stay. He tells Brooke that Eric moved Quinn in. Brooke is outraged and Ridge mutters that Quinn’s not your average golddigger. He feels Steffy won’t tolerate this development. Rick and Maya join them. They noticed Ridge’s bag, and Brooke assures them he’s not moving in. Ridge informs them that Eric moved Quinn into the mansion. They’re floored. Maya thinks Eric’s too smart to let this go on, but the others explain how he thinks with his…heart…in these cases. Ridge has a plan and needs Rick and Brooke’s help to unseat Eric as CEO. Talk turns to getting Bill’s shares through Katie. Brooke worries it still won’t help get that monstrous woman out of Eric’s home.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn begins to compose a text to Steffy, but a bathrobe-clad Eric appears and kisses her. Talk turns to Ridge and Steffy’s issues with Quinn, who doesn’t like being the reason his family has turned against him. Eric goes to change and Quinn answers the door to Wyatt, who orders her to pack. Quinn learns Steffy left him. Wyatt starts grabbing Quinn’s things and declares he isn’t leaving without her. They argue heatedly about Steffy. Wyatt rants about Quinn doing what everyone warns her not to do – he’s put up with it his whole life and is done. He grabs his mother’s arm and Eric intervenes by threatening to have Wyatt arrested if need be. Wyatt fumes – why does his marriage have to suffer because of them? He complains about his lost childhood and Quinn causing Steffy to leave. Eric advises him to muddle through. Wyatt challenges Quinn to prove her love for him by leaving. Eric counters if Quinn goes, he’ll just come get her and bring her back. Eric declares that Wyatt and Steffy won’t decide how they’ll live; he’ll talk to his granddaughter. Quinn is sure she’ll listen.

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Steffy tells Thomas, at his place, that she’ll look for an apartment today. He wonders whether she’ll move back in with Wyatt if he’s able to convince his mother to leave Eric. Steffy replies, “That’s one way it could go.” Thomas tells Steffy she can stay with him. They hug. When Steffy’s upstairs, Thomas gets a call from Liam and urges him to come right over. Steffy reappears and Thomas takes off, saying he has errands to run. Soon, Liam arrives. They realize Thomas set them up for alone time. They joke about calling Adult Protective Services on Eric before Steffy tells Liam she left Wyatt. They marvel over Quinn being so unstable. Liam doesn’t think Wyatt can cut the cord and stop rescuing his mother. He isn’t sure Steffy can rid herself of Quinn without divorcing Wyatt. He reminds her he’s waiting to pick up where they left off.

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