At the beach house, Wyatt pleads with Steffy not to leave because of his mother. Steffy can’t take it anymore. Wyatt asks Steffy to give him another chance to get Quinn out of Eric’s house. Steffy doesn’t think making her disappear is a possibility, and she can’t risk Quinn being in her life. She expounds on the warped way Quinn thinks – she doesn’t believe she is wrong, just misunderstood. It dawns on Wyatt that Steffy doesn’t trust him because he didn’t want Quinn to go to prison. Steffy says his mother is a criminal and she can’t accept all that’s happened. She’s moving out. Wyatt needs her to trust him – he’s her husband. “We can get through this.” Steffy tells him goodbye and walks out.

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In the Forrester mansion, Ridge wants Eric to open his eyes to what Quinn is doing to the family. Eric asserts that this is his life and Ridge has no say. Quinn pipes up that she doesn’t want to cause conflict. Ridge jumps on that and points out what she’s doing to Wyatt’s marriage. He reminds Eric that it’s a fact that Quinn ruins lives, and questions him bringing her into Stephanie’s house. Eric recalls that he and Stephanie had wonderful times, but she was also difficult and drove him to his limit. Ridge sneers, “And you think this can replace her?” Eric thinks everyone deserves love and happiness, and declares that he and Quinn have established a powerful bond already. Ridge argues that Quinn Fuller has never made anyone’s life better. He tells Eric he’s brought a criminal into his home and their business – he’s being snowed by a con artist! Ridge continues to rant and insult Quinn. He warns Eric he will be an outcast and his employees and family members will no longer respect him. “There’s evil in that woman.” Eric sticks to his guns. Ridge declares he is a child; a child with a brand new dangerous toy. Once alone, Quinn asks a pained-looking Eric if he’s sure about this. She worries Eric has too much at stake. Eric tells her to stay right there. They kiss. Stephanie’s portrait falls loudly onto the mantle.

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At Thomas’s place, he and Liam marvel at Quinn worming her way into Eric’s home. Thomas is convinced this will put Steffy over the edge. He believes she needs to be free of Quinn, and therefore free of Wyatt. Over beers, they speculate on whether Wyatt could ever stop Quinn, since she seems to be looking out for herself now. Liam thinks Steffy is probably realizing that Wyatt no longer has any leverage with his mother.

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