Liam tells Wyatt, at Spencer Publications, that Steffy won’t accept Quinn living with Eric. Wyatt plans to go home and break the news to Steffy, and hope for the best.

At Forrester Creations, Ridge and Brooke muse about Eric’s decisions affecting everyone…especially Steffy. Brooke assures Ridge they will put a stop to it before it goes too far. Ridge says Eric’s not listening – he assumes Eric gave him the boot to move Quinn Fuller into his mother’s house. Ridge decides to go over there. Brooke cautions him, adding that she’s there if he needs to call in reinforcements.

Soapbox! Relationships hang in the balance after Eric fast-tracks his romance with Quinn

At the Forrester mansion, Steffy tells Quinn if she moves in with her grandfather, she will leave Wyatt…tonight. Quinn cares about Wyatt’s marriage, but also cares about Eric and won’t hurt him. Steffy hisses that Quinn sees Eric as an easy target. Quinn protests. Steffy gives Quinn one last chance and then leaves. After, Eric discovers Quinn’s upset. She fills him in on Steffy’s plan to leave Wyatt since she refused to move out of Eric’s house. Eric hates that Steffy’s hurt, but is glad Quinn didn’t give in. They hope she was bluffing about moving out. Ridge arrives. Eric tells him Steffy was just there to throw a fit – is he next? Ridge learns Quinn lives there now and starts to flip out. Eric lectures that he’s his father, not his child, he needs to remember that. They bicker. Ridge questions Eric’s choice to move ‘that’ into the house. Eric knows none of them are happy, but he is. He informs Ridge he won’t be telling him how to live his life.

Sasha and Thomas kiss by his door. Suddenly she’s not in a hurry to go. Thomas invites her to hang out for a bit. After a while, Sasha is set to leave again. Thomas kisses her goodbye. Liam arrives as she goes. He informs Thomas that his grandfather and Quinn are moving in together. They talk about protecting Steffy. Liam feels she needs to put the marriage and Wyatt behind her.

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At the beach house, Wyatt is surprised to hear Steffy is fresh off a confrontation with his mother. She informs him of the ultimatum she gave Quinn, and her response. Wyatt doesn’t understand why Steffy would even go there. Steffy thought Quinn would do anything to keep them together. Wyatt protests that she doesn’t have to actually move out. Steffy rants about how Quinn tricked them and now things are getting worse. Wyatt wonders what Steffy wants him to do – drag Quinn out of there? Steffy thinks he would if she meant anything to him. She can’t put up with this, and confirms she’s moving out. Wyatt wonders if it’s an excuse to go back to Liam. Steffy counters that she already had a good one when Quinn kidnapped him. She complains about Wyatt’s inability to control his mother. “You’ve done nothing!” Wyatt wants another chance to fix this and vows to take action. “Just don’t leave.”

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