Ridge and Steffy discuss her love life at Forrester Creations. Ridge notes that Steffy’s life was altered by Quinn’s actions. Steffy is determined to get through to her grandfather until he understands he’s dating a psychopath. Later, Brooke joins Ridge, who tells her the news about Eric and Quinn, and his concerns. They discuss Steffy’s marriage being affected. Ridge feels it may have been in trouble from the beginning.

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At the Forrester mansion, Wyatt wants Quinn to give Eric up to save his marriage to Steffy. “You helped get Steffy into my life, do not be the reason she leaves it.” As Wyatt rants, Quinn snaps that she’s had enough – Eric is a chance for her to have something good in her life and she doesn’t want to give him up. Later, Steffy finds Quinn in the living room alone and confronts her about making herself at home. Quinn says Eric’s upstairs, and he determines who visits…and who moves in. Steffy breathes, “No.” Quinn confirms it and says she deserves to be happy. The women get into it about what Quinn did to Steffy and Liam. Steffy maintains they could have got through anything, but Quinn took her life away from her. “And you want to talk about happiness?” Steffy implores Quinn to do the right thing and tell Eric she’s not moving in…ever. Quinn knows she deserves a man like Eric because of her time with Liam. Steffy declares she’s sick and orders her out. Quinn protests that she’s changed. Steffy challenges her to prove it by putting Wyatt’s needs first. “Walk out the door, Quinn, or I will leave Wyatt.”

At Spencer Publications, Liam flashes to his previous conversation with Thomas about Steffy coming back to him. He hopes it happens. Wyatt arrives, looking for Bill. He and Liam get into it about Quinn being back at Forrester. Wyatt breaks the news that she’s moving in with Eric. Liam is appalled. Wyatt dismally confirms he saw the key in her hand. Liam warns Wyatt that Steffy won’t stand for it.

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At Thomas’ place, he is video chatting with Caroline and Douglas when Sasha comes to the door wondering if he’s looking for company. He lets her come in. Caroline asks who was at the door. He says ‘a friend’, and tells Douglas and Caroline goodbye. Sasha notices how much he misses his son. They chat about Douglas and Thomas’ family’s issues over a beer. Sasha thanks Thomas for standing up for her with Julius. Thomas is happy to do it anytime, anywhere. Sasha decides she should go, and they end up kissing by the door.


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