Wyatt knocks at Quinn’s door and calls out but there’s no answer.

In the Forrester mansion living room, Eric confirms to Quinn that he wants her to move in. Quinn now understands how it feels to be in love and be treated like a queen, but she warns his family won’t react well to this news. Eric will handle them. Wyatt arrives. Eric defends Quinn being there and informs him that he loves Steffy, but she doesn’t dictate his life. Wyatt is frantic when he learns that Quinn has been rehired at Forrester and is planning to move in. Eric says they’ll all learn to accept it, and steps out. Wyatt tightly informs Quinn she cannot move in there. Quinn protests about her happiness. Wyatt thinks there’s something wrong with her. He reiterates how Steffy feels – why can’t Quinn respect that? Quinn thinks everyone will accept it in time. Wyatt disagrees – Quinn cramming this down their throats will destroy his marriage. He threatens to write her off. Quinn claims it’s the first time she’s put her needs ahead of Wyatt’s; she finally has something to live for besides her son. Wyatt says she will be the reason his marriage ends unless she stops the insanity. He demands she not accept the job offer or move in there – he knows what he’s asking of her and is asking it anyway; that’s how important it is to him.

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At Forrester Creations, Steffy tells Ridge she’s terrified for her grandfather. They worry about Quinn’s influence on Eric. Steffy panics that he’ll ask her to move in. She won’t allow it. Ridge wonders what it will do to her marriage if she can’t get Quinn out of her life. Steffy doesn’t know. Ridge figures she’s wishing she could be with Liam instead of Wyatt. Steffy admits she loves Liam and never stopped – when she envisioned her future it was with him. They’d be married right now if it weren’t for Quinn. Ridge hugs her.

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Liam is on the phone at Spencer Publications. He tells the caller he can introduce them to Steffy, and then hangs up and thinks about her. Thomas arrives to alert Liam to the goings-on at Forrester. He thought Liam should know Eric rehired Quinn. Liam knew Quinn wouldn’t stop – this is really bad since it puts her too close to Steffy. Thomas reflects that it’s as though Quinn is trying to sabotage Wyatt’s marriage after all she did to get him and Steffy together. Thomas knows Liam is a good guy who would do anything for Steffy, and he thinks they should live the rest of their lives together. Liam appreciates the support. Thomas feels Liam is the real love of his sister’s life. He adds if Quinn’s involvement in Eric’s life forces Steffy back to Liam, he can live with that.

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