At the beach house, Wyatt can’t believe what Steffy is telling him – that Eric offered Quinn her job back at Forrester Creations and she accepted. Steffy maintains that Quinn is taking advantage of her grandfather. Steffy explains that Quinn only responds to threats, so she’s going to start speaking her language. Wyatt feels rejection from him is Quinn’s worst fear, but Steffy argues he doesn’t have any power over his mother, no one does. She warns there is going to be a price to pay. Wyatt vows to put Quinn out of their lives for good. Steffy’s skeptical. Wyatt isn’t losing anything else because of his mother; he’ll make it happen.

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Quinn arrives at the Forrester mansion and admires Eric and his romantic set-up. He assures her Ridge won’t be a problem tonight – it’s just them. He anticipates having a night they’ll never forget. Eric plays piano while Quinn gazes into his eyes. She then plays with him and he declares that they’re great together. Quinn’s floating on air, but wants to leave before Ridge gets home. Eric announces he took back the house from his kids. He’s so happy and it’s all because of Quinn. They kiss and slow dance. Quinn muses that she was a shrew, but he tamed her. Eric doesn’t want her to speak of herself that way – they all deserve a fresh start, like she gave him. Quinn loves him for believing in her. She tells Eric he’s changed her and she’ll earn his respect. Eric wants to spend more time with her. Quinn discovers a house key in her champagne. She agrees to ‘shack up’ with him.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge is stressed and pouring a drink when Katie arrives. He tells her he needs Bill’s stock now more than ever. Katie explains that Bill pretty much knows Ridge is behind her request and isn’t going for it. Ridge implies that Katie should go after Spencer Publications if Bill refuses to cough up his Forrester shares. He tells Katie the latest – Eric isn’t in charge anymore – Quinn is. They discuss the implications for everyone, including Steffy, and agree it’s not like Eric not to put family first. Ridge adds that Eric put him out of the house too; he needs those shares, which will also benefit Katie’s future. Later, Steffy arrives and fills Ridge in on Wyatt’s determination to get rid of Quinn. Ridge updates her that Eric kicked him out of the house to have privacy with Quinn. Steffy deflates – he’s lost it – it’s like the business, the family, her marriage, none of it matters to him. Steffy declares Quinn a deal-breaker. “I can’t have that woman in my life.”

At Quinn’s place, Wyatt pounds at her door.

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