At Forrester Creations, Pam, Steffy, Ridge and Rick all tell Eric that it’s a mistake to bring Quinn back to the company. He gets their point… but he thinks he’s earned the right to stand by his decision. Quinn smiles. Steffy gags. Eric warns Quinn that her job and their relationship will be over if she misbehaves. She agrees but no one buys it. After Eric sends her out, Ridge tells him he’s lost it. Eric reminds them that he built the company and raised them all; they owe him respect. They think he’s clueless. He asks to speak to Ridge alone and sends the others out. Eric lectures Ridge about all the lies he’s told his family. “I want you out of the house,” he orders. Ridge thinks he’s lost his mind. Out in the anteroom, Pam bats Quinn away from the lemon bars. Quinn assures her that Eric doesn’t need to be protected. When Ridge walks out, he tells Quinn she’s not getting away with this. She sneaks back into the office. Eric tells her he’s felt happier and stronger than he has in years. He asks her over, promising a surprise. On the roof, Sasha tells Thomas he’s a pretty thoughtful guy. She’s amazed by how great her life is. He thinks she makes work-out clothes look amazing. They discuss how privileged he’s been. He admits that there are things he wants but doesn’t have… like his son. They discuss his feelings for Caroline. Since she moved away, he needs to move on with his life. He adds that he never had much of a relationship with his father and wants better for his own son. Sasha offers to show him some fun.

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At the Spencer office, Liam thinks Wyatt is being naïve if he thinks Quinn has changed. Liam thinks there will be no hope for his brother and Steffy as long as Quinn is in the picture. Wyatt claims that his marriage is good and he’s confident his mother will not be a problem. Liam shakes his head and exits. Steffy rushes in and tells Wyatt what just happened at Forrester. He’s shocked. “She needs to be stopped,” Steffy says.

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