At Forrester Creations, Ridge, Rick, Pam and Steffy are shocked when Eric announces he’s bringing Quinn back to the company. They rail about what a liar and manipulator she is. Steffy says he’s asking too much of them. Eric won’t listen. Pam says Quinn has a questionable grasp of reality. Eric points out people have said the same of her. The blonde thinks that Stephanie would be turning in her grave over this. Eric doesn’t appreciate this and insists this is a business decision. Rick points out that even he and Ridge agree on this. Quinn insists what she has with Eric is ‘organic’. Pam tries to convince Eric that this is all a game to Quinn. Steffy orders him to end things with her. Up on the roof, Thomas isn’t complaining when Sasha kisses him. He talks about being a dad. She appreciates the way he stood up to her father for her. Julius still treats her like an embarrassment. They go over her break-up with Zende and the lies she told. When she beats herself up about it, he stops her. “You felt loved by a man. That’s something you never got from your father,” he says. He’s sure that her dad will regret how he’s treated her and offers her his shoulder to cry on.

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Wyatt and Liam show up at the Spencer office, debating Quinn’s actions. Liam just thinks Eric must have been lonely. Wyatt encourages his brother to move on and find a new woman. They rehash the endless debate over Steffy. Wyatt says he ordered his mom out of his life and out of LA. He looks out the window and recalls his arguments with his wife about Quinn. His brother urges him to buy his mom a one-way plane ticket. Liam claims that the only way that Steffy can get distance from Quinn is by getting distance from her son.

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Wyatt and Liam argue about Steffy.

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