At Spencer Publications, Bill tells Liam about Katie wanting his Forrester shares. He’s confident the Dressmaker’s behind it. Liam breaks the news to Bill about Eric’s new woman. He says it’s Quinn and Bill spits out his coffee. Arguing ensues about Wyatt’s responsibility to keep Quinn away from Steffy. Liam reminds Bill not to ask him to stay out of Wyatt’s marriage after what he did with Brooke. He informs Bill that they have to get Steffy away from Wyatt to protect her from Quinn.

In Quinn’s hotel room, Wyatt seeks assurances that it’s over between her and Eric. “You and Eric can’t happen.” Wyatt stuns Quinn by informing her she needs to leave town and go make a life for herself away from them. Quinn protests that maybe they can all be happy. Wyatt stops her short of imagining a future with Eric. He orders her to start packing. Quinn complains about Steffy’s expectations. Wyatt demands to know if she’s contacted Eric since Monte Carlo. She says she hasn’t.

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At a Forrester Creations meeting, Eric speaks about how pleased he was to attend the Spencer Summit and crows about what a great team they have now – the only problem area is the jewelry line. Talk turns to Ridge and Caroline splitting and her going to New York to decompress. Thomas says Caroline and her moms are taking great care of Douglas. Pam adds, “Spoiling him rotten.” Ridge wonders if Eric would like to fill the others in on the details of his trip. Eric announces he’s been seeing Quinn Fuller. Rick gapes, Pam gasps, and Steffy stands up and says it can’t happen. Eric insists Quinn’s changed. Steffy says it could undermine the company and their family, and is already affecting her marriage. She asks her grandfather, “Are you honestly going to tell me she is not targeting you?” As the story unfolds, Pam can’t believe Quinn was Vladimir Schmirnoff. Eric confirms she came to him for a job and urged him to take the CEO seat back. They all protest that she has an agenda. Ridge and Steffy won’t allow him to continue seeing her. Eric shouts that he’s not a child, he’s the CEO, and won’t be judged in that office. He storms out. The family members discuss how to handle the situation. In the corridor, Steffy and Pam wonder if he went to see Quinn. Steffy enters another office, where Liam was flashing to their kiss. He came to see if she was okay. Debate ensues about whether Wyatt can protect her from Quinn. Liam says she deserves better. They embrace. Back in the boardroom, Rick, Thomas, and Ridge agree they can’t let Quinn anywhere near Eric or the company.

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Eric arrives at Quinn’s hotel, where she’s been thinking about him. They commiserate about their kids scolding them like children. Quinn is confused about why he came. “Is it over?” Eric says, “It’s just beginning.”

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