In the Monte Carlo hotel, Steffy flashes to her conversation with Liam on the beach. Wyatt enters and assures her Quinn definitely flew home. She complains Quinn took advantage of her grandfather. Wyatt promises to keep her away when they get back. Steffy says they’ve had this conversation before and reminds him Quinn’s his mother. Wyatt concedes it’s not so simple. Steffy doesn’t think Quinn is worthy of being in his life. She tells Wyatt she’s done. Wyatt asks what exactly she’s saying, and protests that she can’t let Quinn derail their marriage. Steffy thought Wyatt could contain her and goes on about getting a restraining order or having Quinn arrested. “We need her out of our lives!” Wyatt vows to take care of this. He knows his mother will never change…he has to let her go. Steffy is the only thing that matters.

Soapbox! Steffy lays Quinn out with the slap heard round the soap world

At the Forrester mansion, Caroline is taken aback to hear Thomas’ news about Eric and Quinn. He mentions Steffy is having a particularly difficult time with it. Caroline assumes that when Eric returns it will be time to announce Douglas’ paternity. Thomas assures her they’ll tighten security and handle the PR. Caroline plans to take the baby to New York when the announcement is made. Thomas isn’t keen on the idea, but she insists she needs to clear her head and promises they’ll be back. Thomas will hold her to that. Caroline thinks he’s amazing and any girl would be lucky to have him. Thomas is disappointed she’s leaving, but gets it. He warns he’ll fly her back if she’s there too long. Caroline giggles, and tells him she’s open to what the future holds, but she has to heal herself first. “I don’t expect you to wait for me.” Thomas reiterates he needs to see Thomas grow up. She should do what she needs to, but then come home. They embrace.

Soap News: Heather Tom in Lifetime thriller

The Avants are gathered at Brooke’s place after Lizzie’s christening. Maya tells Rick she’s putting the baby to bed. After, Nicole confides in Maya about making love with Zende for the first time recently. They hug. Nicole confides that it was very romantic, and adds she’s no longer worried about Sasha. Sasha, meanwhile, asks Zende if they’re cool. He thinks they can be friends, and lets her know he and Nicole are closer than ever. Later, everyone laughs at Julius eating enough for a football team. Sasha thanks the group for inviting her; it’s special. Zende repeats the sentiment. Nicole tells him he’s family. When the others adjourn to the living room, Julius advises Sasha not to push it; she was invited in part out of obligation and not all has been forgiven yet. Sasha wonders if he’ll ever stop resenting her. Julius says she was a mistake and her presence bothers Vivienne. Sasha is finally part of a family and he’s ruining it. Julius informs her she’s not an Avant and there is no Forrester in her future. She needs to go.

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