In Eric’s suite, Wyatt questions Eric about being in a relationship with Quinn. Eric wonders if that’s something Wyatt would object to. Wyatt says Steffy is freaking out about this whole thing. Eric insists it’s over now. They rehash whether Quinn has changed. Eric thinks she has. Wyatt points out she targeted him. Eric denies it; it was two people connecting. Eric says he and Quinn don’t want to harm his marriage. Wyatt muses that his mother never does. Eric insists it’s over between them. Wyatt is glad, because Steffy’s had all she can take and he can’t blame her. Wyatt struggles with the idea that Quinn simply accepted she can’t be with Eric and went home. Eric insists she’s changed and won’t bother him. Once alone, Eric writes a text to Quinn to call him, but deletes it without sending. He flashes to their time together. In his suite, Wyatt waits and worries.

On the beach in Monte Carlo, Liam reminds Steffy of how many times she’s asked Wyatt to keep Quinn away from her, and he’s failed her. Liam urges her to come back to him. He warns it’s only a matter of time before Steffy or someone else gets hurt. Liam feels this is it – the moment she leaves her husband and comes back to him. Steffy looks at her ring tattoo. Liam calls it a mark of deceit – Quinn may as well have branded Steffy herself. Steffy says she made a commitment. Liam corrects her, “You made a mistake.” Steffy can’t change what happened with Quinn and go back. Liam feels she can…by ending the marriage and putting it all behind her. Steffy cries. Liam gets choked up worrying something might happen to her. He wants to protect her, the way Wyatt hasn’t. “Come back to me. Come back to me…”

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On her flight home, Quinn flashes to surprising Eric in Monte Carlo, smiles, and sighs. She recalls their final night in Monte Carlo fondly, and then remembers Steffy chasing her down and slapping her. By the time she arrives, she is smiling about Eric again.

At the Forrester mansion, Ridge is angry after Thomas tells him about Eric and Quinn. He doesn’t blame Steffy for feeling she can’t take much more. They speculate on how Eric was taken in by Quinn. Thomas muses about Steffy having told Quinn to stay away from the family, and her not listening. He thinks when Steffy said she didn’t know how much more she could take she was not just referring to Quinn, but also to her marriage. They debate about whether Steffy should stick with the marriage. Thomas acknowledges that she loves Wyatt, but it doesn’t compare to how she feels about Liam. He thinks Quinn’s latest actions could be the final straw that pushes Steffy back to Liam. They speculate on Quinn’s motives. Ridge thinks it’s money. Thomas observes that if anything makes Steffy give up on her marriage, this will be it.

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