Ashley and Ridge are facing off in Ridge’s office. Ashley is trying to explain what happened between her and Rick, but it’s clear that Ridge is ticked. “Please don’t feel like I’ve betrayed you,” Ashley pleads, “because I don’t think I have.” She says she wishes she’d told him sooner. Ridge responds angrily, “How could you do this? How could you both do this?” and then he adds that what he’s really asking is how could they do this to his daughter. Ashley tries to defend herself, saying she didn’t know Rick was involved with Phoebe when she came back. After telling Ridge about Mexico, she says it was just one night and Rick and Phoebe were broken up at the time and she and Ridge were not serious yet. “It never happened again and it never will,” she says. Ridge wants to know why they’ve kept it a secret if nothing is going on between them now. Ashley tells him that Rick was trying to protect Phoebe by keeping it secret, but that Ashley had wanted to be completely honest and tell Ridge about it all along. “It wasn’t an affair,” she insists. Ridge responds by asking her, “So you’re telling me that it was nothing? You can’t, can you?” He adds that she jumped back in bed with Rick the first chance she got.

Phoebe is at the door of Boldface Records when her cell phone rings. She picks it up and sees that it’s Rick calling, so she doesn’t answer. Rick leaves a message and she listens to it, but she ignores it. Constantine opens the door and lets her into Boldface, introducing her to his friends. He tells Phoebe about a contest they want to hold on the website – The Boldface Challenge – another duet contest that pits her with Constantine against her with Rick. She gets visibly upset, but doesn’t say anything to Constantine about what’s happened between her and Rick. She and Constantine sit back and listen to one of the musicians lay a track, a very slow romantic song. A wistful Phoebe daydreams, remembering romantic times with Rick – the two of them poolside, walking hand in hand, singing together at Insomnia, kissing in front of the fire. We snap back to the present as the song ends, and a close up of Phoebe shows her crying. A clueless Constantine goes into the studio to talk technical music stuff with the musicians when Phoebe’s phone rings again. She answers it, telling Rick to stop calling her. He says he won’t, and tells her that he loves her.

Brooke is at Stephanie’s house, getting some visitation time with the kids. She’s coming down the stairs to ask Stephanie for a glass of water for Hope, when Stephanie tells her in no uncertain terms that her visitation time is up and she needs to get out. When Brooke begs, trying to get Stephanie to be reasonable about this, Stephanie growls, “Just do what I say and there won’t be a problem, okay? And send that message to your sister, too.” She goes on to tell Brooke that she and Donna need to stay the hell away from Stephanie and her family, and then gives her the boot right out the door. Brooke immediately calls Donna, passing on the message, trying to appease Stephanie so she doesn’t harm her chances of getting her kids back. She tells Donna that Stephanie has just kicked her out of the house and pleads with Donna to leave Stephanie alone. She hears a male voice in the background, but Donna doesn’t say who that voice belongs to – just that it’s not a good time to talk.

Donna and Thorne have woken up in each other’s arms. They’re both undressed and in a friendly position. Thorne is surprised to see Donna there. He tries to sit up, but he has a massive headache. Donna acts shocked and perturbed that he doesn’t remember what happened – all the while sneaking glances at the photo of Stephanie on bedside table. Thorne is fuzzy-headed, but is trying to piece together what happened. He remembers seeing her at the bar the night before, but not much else. Donna puts on an act, laying it on thick, saying, “Do you remember all the things you said to me?” She goes on to say that he’d made her feel like they’d found something special. Then she acts angry, saying, “You’re just using me, just like Ridge.” Thorne tries to calm her down, saying that he believes that if they wound up in bed together then they must have had some sort of connection. He says he needs a shower to clear his head. After he leaves, she looks at picture again, grinning smugly.

Back in Ridge’s office, Ridge is still arguing with Ashley over what happened between her and Rick. Ashley is crying, and Ridge is merciless, saying that Phoebe considered Ashley a friend and that Ashley didn’t give a damn about the consequences of her actions for anybody – “not even my own little daughter.” Laying it all out, Ashley tells Ridge that things have happened since then – and then she lobs the “L” word, telling Ridge that she’s fallen in love with him. She’s clearly hoping that he’ll tell her that he loves her, too, but Ridge does not respond – just turns his back to her and walks away. She’s hurt and leaves the office in silence.

Thorne is out of shower and looking for Donna. The phone rings and it’s Stephanie. She tells him she’s been worried about him. Donna, overhearing Thorne’s side of the conversation, thinks to herself, “Oh, Stephanie, don’t worry about your baby boy. I’m going to take very good care of him.” With Thorne off the phone again, Donna asks if that was his mother. He tells her that it was, but that he didn’t say anything to Stephanie about Donna being there. Donna accuses Thorne of thinking she’s a tramp, just like Stephanie thinks she’s a tramp. She acts like she’s going to leave, and offers to never tell anyone about last night, just to pretend that what happened between the two of them never happened. He asks her not to go and wraps his arms around her. She gives a devilish grin over his shoulder.