In Wyatt and Steffy’s suite, she goes on about his mother targeting her grandfather – she doesn’t know how much more she can take. Steffy wants Wyatt to put a stop to Quinn…for all their sakes. Wyatt isn’t convinced it’s as simple as Quinn using Eric. Steffy warns him not to defend her; she’s pure evil. Steffy notes that Liam warned her about Quinn and was right. Wyatt vows to fix this. Steffy worries Quinn’s still there. Wyatt leaves to find out. In Eric’s suite, Quinn wants him to tell her whether they can survive this; she loves him. If he wants her to go, he just has to say the words and he’ll never have to see her again. They rehash Steffy’s reaction to seeing her there, and how she looked at Eric. Quinn is sorry she made things worse. Eric thinks Steffy is angry with good reason. Quinn laments that she tried to get through to her but she wouldn’t listen. Eric sees the good in Quinn, but he has to put his family first. “Steffy’s been through so much. I’m sorry…” Quinn understands, but asks him to hold her one last time. She tells Eric she’ll treasure their time together and leaves. Elsewhere, Liam meets up with Eva the publicist. They talk about whether Quinn might actually be in Monte Carlo. Liam feels that even if she’s not, it won’t be long until she flips Steffy’s world upside-down. They talk about their love lives. Eva lets Liam know that she’s into him, but realizes he’s in love with Steffy, and is worried about her.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge tells Thomas he ended his marriage because it’s what’s best. He acknowledges that Thomas deserved better from him. Thomas says, “So did you, from me.” Ridge wonders if this is where they start…by forgiving each other. They rehash the misunderstanding of the night Douglas was conceived. Thomas is pleased that Douglas will know him as his father. Talk turns to Eric being in Monte Carlo and him replacing Ridge as CEO. Thomas thinks he has big shoes to fill. Ridge worries about his father’s loneliness. He is concerned about his vulnerability and plans to make sure no one takes advantage of him. Thomas calls Steffy, who fills him in on Eric and Quinn. She adds that she told Wyatt she doesn’t know how much more she can take. After, Thomas tells Ridge he was right about Grandad being vulnerable – he’s involved with Quinn Fuller. Ridge shouts, “Quinn Fuller, really?”

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In Monte Carlo, Wyatt arrives in Eric’s suite and is relieved to hear Quinn has left for home, but he’s worried about his wife. On the beach, Steffy flashes through recent events and cringes. Liam appears. Steffy tells him he was right, Quinn’s there and is having a relationship with her grandfather. Liam is worried about the Fullers infecting her family. “You have to come back to me, and I’m not taking no for an answer.” He kisses her.

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