In Eric’s suite in Monte Carlo, Steffy loses it on her grandfather for getting involved with Quinn. She won’t allow him to have this relationship with that woman. Eric enjoys Quinn and admits they’re very close. Steffy laments that he has chosen the worst person in the world. Eric defends her. Steffy demands that he put Quinn out of his life. “End it.” They rehash what Quinn did to Liam. Eric says he and Quinn are not about Steffy, but she disagrees – Quinn is using him to let her know she can do whatever she wants; Eric must cut her out of his life. Eric doesn’t want to hurt Steffy, who tells him she’s scared because Quinn is insane. Eric thinks she’s changed. Steffy disagrees, citing the fact that she came to Monte Carlo knowing how she feels. Eric promises to break it off with Quinn. They embrace.

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In Wyatt’s room, he learns that Quinn has been seeing Eric and came to town to be with him. Wyatt accuses her of lying and then asks if she’s deliberately trying to sabotage his marriage. He cannot believe after everything they’ve been through, she’s done this. Quinn expounds on how wonderful Eric is, and Wyatt points out she said the same things about Liam. Quinn explains how it came to be and insists she didn’t target Eric, who likes bad girls. Wyatt is aghast to hear that Steffy saw them kissing, chased Quinn down, and slapped her. He orders his mother to go back to L.A. Quinn keeps pleading her case. Wyatt tells her she can’t be with Steffy’s grandfather or he will lose his wife. He doesn’t care if she’s in love with Eric – she can’t be with him. Later, Steffy confronts Wyatt about his mother; screaming that she is poison and has targeted her grandfather. She rants on and on. Wyatt says she’s going back to L.A. Steffy scoffs at him taking Quinn’s word at face value – that’s the problem! She didn’t sign up for this and isn’t sure how much more she can take.

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Quinn arrives at Eric’s suite, apologizing for coming to town and causing problems. Eric thinks it’s best if she returns to L.A. and notes Steffy has good reason for her feelings. Quinn insists she can make this better and declares she’s in love with him. “Tell me this isn’t the end.”

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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke questions Ridge’s choice to split up with Caroline. Ridge will always treasure the time they had together but it’s time to move on and shift focus to the children…and his father. Ridge notes Eric seems lonely and he’s worried about him. Brooke agrees he’s been lost without Stephanie, despite his adventures with John. They talk about finding someone for Eric and speculate on whether he’s already seeing someone. Brooke thinks Pam would know. Brooke and Ridge agree he needs to move on from the sadness of losing Stephanie. Brooke muses, “Maybe he already has.”

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