Wyatt and Liam argue about Steffy in the hotel room. Liam senses something is wrong and Wyatt scoffs at him thinking they have some grand cosmic connection. Liam is only concerned with Steffy…if something is wrong he is betting Quinn’s responsible! Wyatt calls him a paranoid lunatic. They continue to bicker and debate about the possibility that Quinn is in town. Wyatt orders Liam to stop creating problems where there are none – his mother isn’t there and Steffy is fine. Liam maintains that Quinn is a constant threat that Steffy doesn’t need. Wyatt accuses Liam of hoping something will happen to drive a wedge into his marriage, and it’s not going to happen. Liam doesn’t waiver. Quinn will do something eventually. In Eric’s room, he flashes to Quinn’s arrival, and their night together in Monte Carlo.

Breaking! Ashleigh Brewer returns to B&B

Near the Monte Carlo hotel, Steffy hollers at Quinn that she was kissing her grandfather. Quinn protests that it has nothing to do with her, and they have something special. Steffy shakes her head. “No!” She accuses Quinn of targeting her grandfather and being evil. Steffy plans to put a stop to it and make sure he has nothing to do with her. Quinn replies through gritted teeth, “No, you won’t.” Steffy rages that she’s trying to worm her way back in by using her grandfather. She orders Quinn not to contact him again; they’ll get a restraining order. Quinn shouts, “I love him!” Steffy smacks her face so hard she falls to the ground. “Never.”

Watch now! Steffy confronts Quinn

Quinn arrives at Wyatt’s suite. He is perturbed and realizes Liam was right about seeing her. He rants about her not listening and staying away. Quinn admits she came to see Eric. Meanwhile, Steffy arrives at Eric’s door shaking. She hollers that she saw him kissing Quinn. “Do you have any idea what you’re doing?” Eric defends their relationship. Steffy insists that Quinn’s using him and their union won’t continue. “I absolutely forbid it!’

At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Ridge discuss the end of his marriage. Ridge thinks he’ll always wonder if they should have stuck it out. Brooke feels Thomas can be in Douglas’ life without Ridge ending his marriage. Ridge says it was the right thing to do. Talk turns to doing what’s best for the kids. For Brooke, it brings to mind Bill and Katie. She will always be there to protect her sister, and thinks she’s starting to see that. Ridge hopes it’s a new beginning for them. They agree they need to focus on family. Brooke said Stephanie always did that, and Ridge concurs. Ridge gets a yen to talk to Eric. Brooke thinks Eric would love to spend time with him. Ridge notes Stephanie always looked out for Eric, and he should pick up where she left off. They talk about Eric moving on with someone. Ridge doesn’t want anyone taking advantage of the rich widower.

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