Liam comes to Wyatt and Steffy’s suite. He tells Steffy how great his environmental meeting with Prince Albert was, and they discuss his upcoming meeting with Ed Begley Jr. Liam wants Wyatt to call Quinn and make sure she’s not in Monte Carlo, but he gripes that it’s a non-issue. In Eric’s suite, he lazes in bed with Quinn and talks about the place being magical and passionate. He feels it’s made him a little reckless – her being there is very dangerous. Quinn muses a little danger can be exciting, but Eric thinks she should go back to L.A. Quinn tries to convince him to change his mind. Eric doesn’t want her to jeopardize her relationship with her son, and he cringes over the idea of Steffy finding out she’s there. Quinn didn’t come to bother them. She packs and Eric says when he gets home they’ll figure this out together. He doesn’t want to give up on what they have. Quinn says her time there was worth the risk and promises to go straight to the airport. In Liam’s suite, he welcomes Ed Begley Jr and his wife Rachelle, with whom he discusses his environmental agenda since they are advocates. Begley advises that if people can’t afford electric cars and such that they start by doing what they can afford to do to conserve energy. Liam talks about how L.A. has cut back on smog. Begley references the Clean Air Act. Liam learns energy storage with batteries is the next big frontier. Begley Jr also feels an effort should be made to cut down on ‘vampire’ power…items that are plugged in but not being used. Liam enthuses and thanks them for their time.

Soapbox! Quinn’s presence shakes up Monte Carlo and hearts break for Ridge and Caroline

On site at the Spencer Summit, Wyatt and Steffy talk to a photographer about enhancing their online campaign.

Aboard the Spencer yacht, Steffy poses for photos in various outfits and Wyatt looks on admiringly.

Watch now! Liam and Wyatt argue about Quinn

Back at the hotel, Wyatt crows about Steffy’s shoot. The photographer wants another shot of Steffy. Wyatt goes to get his charger and runs into Liam. He invites him to tell them about his meeting while viewing the photos from the yacht. They bicker. Liam reminds Wyatt that Steffy also came to get away from Quinn. He says she’s a lunatic who should be as far away from Steffy as possible. Wyatt isn’t concerned. Liam is worried – he knows what happens to people who get in Quinn’s way and doesn’t want Steffy getting hurt. Outside, Eric says farewell to Quinn. Steffy appears across the street as they kiss. Quinn’s large hat hides her identity. Eric leaves and Steffy approaches, but Quinn hears Steffy’s voice and takes off. Steffy pursues her at length until she finally knocks her to the ground. “Quinn! You and my grandfather!”

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Liam insists he saw Quinn in Monte Carlo.

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– Candace Young