Steffy flashes to marrying Wyatt while in her office at Forrester Creations. She then recalls Liam running up the beach to her. Caroline appears with Douglas, and urges Steffy to talk about Wyatt and Liam. Steffy confides that she expects a wonderful future with Wyatt, though she appreciates Liam so much. They talk about how complicated it is to be a Spencer or a Forrester. The conversation goes back to what Quinn did to Liam. Steffy says she manipulated all of them. She’s glad to be open about her feelings for Wyatt and Liam – keeping secrets isn’t good for anyone.

In Bill’s office at Spencer Publications, Liam wants to use the company’s power and resources to make a difference in the world. He suggests gifting a percentage of their profits to their foundation. Wyatt snorts, and Bill informs him he doesn’t believe in hand outs. Liam goes on about giving grants to deserving organizations and showing global leadership. Bill says it’s not their job to save the world. Liam presses him, but Wyatt interrupts that they’re in the business of making money. Liam touts giving back, and complains about the click-bait they’re putting out there. Wyatt argues – that ‘trash’ has got them a lot of advertising! Bill listens to them bicker and finally tells Liam they don’t need to change anything. Wyatt is mocking Liam when Steffy enters. Wyatt and Bill complain about what Liam wants them to do. Liam tries to make his case to change the way they do business. Steffy interjects that Forrester works with charities. Liam, frustrated, says he’ll start his own foundation – it’s the only thing left that makes sense to him. Wyatt thinks it’s crazy. Liam wonders if Steffy thinks he’s crazy.

Throwback Thursday! Morgan DeWitt tries to drown Stephanie Forrester

Ridge arrives at the Forrester mansion to find out what Thomas wanted to discuss. Thomas says it’s about Douglas. Ridge says he’s fine. Thomas announces he can’t do this anymore. Debate ensues. Thomas says others know and could slip up; they can control how this comes out. Ridge reminds him they have an agreement. Thomas replies that they don’t. He talks about how difficult it’s been every day. They rehash how Douglas was conceived. Thomas tells Ridge he can’t use that night to take his son from him. Ridge advises him to take a swim and then get back to the plan. Thomas says, “He’s my son. My son.” He informs Ridge he’s going to have his name put on the birth certificate. “It’s time for the truth to come out.” Ridge disagrees. Caroline arrives with Douglas. Ridge tells her Thomas doesn’t want to keep the secret anymore. He presumes Caroline wants the truth to stay hidden, but she stuns Ridge by saying Thomas is right. They need to be honest with everyone about who Douglas’ father really is.

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