At Forrester Creations, Liam tells Steffy he cares about his brother but not enough to hand her over to him. The only thing giving him pause is Bill’s example. Liam admits he keeps imagining their happy ending. He laments that Quinn got everything she wanted. Steffy disagrees that she’s ‘stuck’ in the marriage to Wyatt. She meant her vows. Liam wonders if she can really move on and just forget. Steffy cries that she’ll never forget, but they need to move on. Liam doesn’t know how when he wants to kiss her every time he looks at her lips. Emotional, Steffy says, “Hold me.” Liam is pained about the idea of letting her go and asks if she recalls when they first met. They flash through their romance. Liam states, “This is wrong. It’s not supposed to end like this.” Liam feels this will be the hardest thing he’s ever done. If moments like this are all he gets, then that’s just how he’ll live. Liam is determined to try to live up to Bill’s expectations and be a man of honor.

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Katie welcomes Wyatt to the house and tells him everything is going well. Wyatt muses that he could learn from his father how to keep the glow on Steffy’s face – like the one Katie is wearing now. Katie reiterates that things are better than ever. Talk turns to Wyatt’s marriage. He insists he and Steffy are solid and he’s not worried about anyone taking his wife away. Katie finally feels the same way about Bill. She remarks on how at peace he seems lately. They discuss the family meeting – both were impressed with Bill standing up for Wyatt. Katie thinks he was right to give Liam an ultimatum. Talk turns to Brooke. Katie is glad they’re back on track since she’s had trouble trusting her. Wyatt goes back to discussing Steffy. He feels she’s happy with him and isn’t going anywhere.

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Brooke and Bill debate in her bedroom. If he is going to stay in the marriage with Katie, he must have Brooke in his life. They kiss. Brooke tells him ‘this’ isn’t going to happen, but he says it is, and carries her to the bed while kissing her passionately. Soon, Rick knocks on the door. “Mom, are you in there?” Brooke answers awkwardly and implores Bill to hide in the bathroom. Brooke answers the door breathlessly and Rick asks if she’s okay. He steps inside and shares the news about Ridge’s change-of-heart at work. Rick tells Brooke he’ll get out of her hair now, which is a bit of a mess, and grins – whoever the guy is, he’s lucky. After, Brooke is appalled at the close call and Bill reassures her. He insists they both need this, and they go back to kissing. Later, Brooke tells Bill what they’re doing is hypocritical. He wants Liam to respect Wyatt’s marriage, but there they are disrespecting his. Bill says he’s always been the exception to the rule. He tells Brooke they are actually saving his marriage. Bill says, “To hell with honor,” and kisses her.

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