In his pool house, Bill declares he’s not living another day without Brooke and kisses her passionately. Brooke pulls away, and Bill reminds her Katie told him to be with her. Brooke feels she didn’t mean it; she’s his wife. Bill wants Brooke; he wants this, and he knows Brooke wants it too. Brooke kisses him back, and they fall onto the bed. Bill says it’s their time. Brooke has always loved him, but says they can’t do this. “She’s my sister.” Bill insists they’ll tell Katie first, she’ll be free, and it will be better for everyone. “We start our life tonight.” They kiss. Up at the main house, Katie flashes to telling Bill to go to her sister and just get it over with, and then contemplates her drink. She tearfully recalls Bill’s loving reassurances and forgoes the booze. She then thinks about Brooke still loving Bill and turns back to the bottle. She is sitting quietly when Bill and Brooke enter. Bill makes a speech about how they want her to be happy. Brooke pipes up that they both love her. Bill feels they’ve tried everything and have been struggling for years. He’s tired, just as she is. He apologizes for failing her. “I am so sorry.”

At the beach house, Steffy tells Wyatt she’s concerned about Liam – his mom is very dangerous. She goes on about what she did to Liam, and how she risks people’s lives to get what she wants…and keeps getting away with it. Wyatt reminds her they got married because they loved each other, not because Quinn tricked them. Steffy declares that Quinn has to stay away from them and their family, including Liam. Wyatt is just glad Steffy is sharing things with him. Steffy admires Wyatt’s confidence, and the fact that he’s not threatened by her talking about Liam, and his mom. Steffy hopes Quinn wouldn’t go to Liam’s again, but she is feeling a strange vibe that something might happen to him. Wyatt thinks Liam is a big boy and tougher than they realize. He talks about how well their marriage works and recalls their wedding day. Steffy flashes to Reverend Rydell pronouncing them husband and wife. Wyatt reiterates how committed he is to her and they kiss.

Throwback Thursday! Stephanie catches Brooke with a pregnancy test

At the Malibu house, Liam is asleep when someone enters with a flashlight. The intruder bumps into something in the dark and Liam wakes up. He grabs a golf club and knocks out the masked intruder going through his mail. When he rips off the mask, Reverend Rydell pleads with him. “Don’t hurt me.” Liam asks, “Who the hell are you?” Rydell protests that he’s just a guy down on his luck and asks for money. Outraged and done being nice, Liam says he’s calling the cops. Rydell takes off. Liam reports the break and enter to the police, and tells them if they catch the guy, he’s pressing charges.

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