At the Forrester mansion, Ridge wants Caroline, Thomas, and Katie to agree that the secret about Douglas’ paternity will not go beyond them. Katie says from this moment forward, she won’t tell anyone else, and then leaves. Caroline worries about Bill getting wind of the secret, but Ridge says they have to trust Katie.

At Bill’s place, he tells Brooke that Ridge is a fraud; he is living a lie. Brooke knows this could keep Rick in town, but she can’t believe it. She asks Bill how he found out the secret. He says, “Katie.” Brooke is still skeptical. Bill says he didn’t intend to betray his wife’s confidence, but he knows how important it is to Brooke to have Rick and his family living in her home. Brooke can’t fathom Ridge doing something like this, especially with Thomas. Bill complains that he’s out-of-control and power-crazed. Ridge only cares about his dictatorial control over everyone, including his niece, Caroline. Bill told Brooke because he wants her to be happy. Katie enters. “What did you tell her?” They update her on Rick’s plans to leave due to Ridge. Katie realizes that Bill told her Ridge’s secret. Bill tries to justify it; it’s not a big deal. Katie finds it interesting that he thinks betraying her trust, with her sister of all people, again, is not a big deal. Brooke asks Katie for confirmation, and she says it’s true. She was just with Thomas, Ridge, and Caroline. Katie remains disappointed in Bill, who argues Ridge has to be stopped. They argue heatedly. Brooke intervenes and Katie warns her not to justify Bill’s behavior. “You’re doing it for her.” Bill insists he’s doing it for Rick, Caroline and Douglas, but Katie isn’t buying it. She tells Bill that Brooke takes priority over anything they share; that’s how he hurts her the most.

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At Liam’s house, Steffy informs Quinn that she may be her mother-in-law, but she completely altered her life and she will never forgive her for that. Debate ensues about whether things would have turned out differently or the same if Quinn hadn’t interfered. Quinn goes on that she and Liam found love. Liam interrupts. Quinn was obsessed and she still is – she knew Steffy was the one he wanted and kept him from her. Steffy states that Quinn belongs in prison and tells her to go, and not to come back. Quinn keeps pushing her viewpoint. Liam doesn’t understand how she even thinks he could like her. Steffy and Liam both rail at her that they would be married right now if it weren’t for her. Quinn tries to hug Liam ‘goodbye’, but he stops her. As she leaves, Quinn sees Steffy take Liam into her arms. Liam and Steffy discuss the future. She reiterates that she made a commitment to Wyatt. Liam doesn’t want to hurt his brother, but he loves her. “I am not giving up on us, and I am not letting you get away from me again.”

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