It’s morning, and Bridget and Rick are pacing the living room at Brooke’s house, worrying because it’s so quiet. They’re expecting Brooke to be a mess after losing her kids the day before, and Rick has to stop Bridget from running upstairs to check on Brooke, telling her to let Brooke cry if she wants to. But Brooke isn’t upstairs whimpering into her pillow. She comes downstairs, looking perky and confident, telling them to go to work. She says she’s heading out to prove that she’s a fit mother, starting by getting a job. She then tells them that she’d been trusting the wrong people all along – she says she can only trust them…and Nick.

Eric, Felicia, and Stephanie are at the office, where Eric is worrying about what’s going to happen with Brooke now that Stephanie engineered CPS taking away Brooke’s children. Stephanie and Felicia agree that they’re glad to see Brooke go, but Eric is worried, telling them that they never gave Brooke enough credit for the work she did there. “Brooke is not out of the picture,” he tells Stephanie. She answers, “Don’t start with all that ‘She’ll have a special place in my heart’ baloney.” Rick comes in to hand Eric a sales report and immediately the insults between Rick and Stephanie start. Eric asks Rick how Brooke is doing and Rick tells him that she’ll be fine, and then lays it on them that Brooke is going to ask Nick for a job. Eric immediately panics, afraid that with Brooke’s knowledge of the company combined with Nick’s savvy business skills, they’ll be in trouble. “It’s a lot better to have her as a friend than an enemy,” he says. Stephanie is not worried about this – she thinks there’s no way that Taylor will allow Nick to hire Brooke and have Brooke “sniffing around her husband.” Felicia disagrees, saying if Taylor is smart she’ll have Brooke working for that company because Brooke is good at what she does, but Felicia thinks this is no big deal. Eric is panicked and begins pointing the finger at Stephanie, telling her that this is all her fault. He says that other families would have offered to help Brooke out with the children rather than get CPS involved and have the children taken away. “This never should have gone to court,” he says. Stephanie argues that Eric never said one word in defense of Brooke in court, but now that Brooke’s a threat to the company he’s defending her like crazy. She accuses him of never taking a moral stance. He tells her that her hate on Brooke is going to send her straight to bankruptcy.

Taylor has just arrived at her check-up at Bridget’s office. Still looking miserable, she flashes back to yesterday in court and her devastating testimony, when she told the judge that she wouldn’t trust Brooke with her own child right now. Then she flashes back to her argument with Nick after court and to him leaving the house telling her not to wait up for him. She whips out her cell phone and gives him a call, telling him that she didn’t hear him come in this morning. They decide not to talk about the night before and instead to plan some time just the two of them that evening. “Are we okay?” she asks. “We’re okay,” he answers, but he’s flashing back to the night before on the boat and his near-kiss with Brooke. He’s interrupted by Brooke marching into his office, telling him she wants something and wants it right now. Nick tries to talk to Brooke about what happened on the boat, but she doesn’t want to talk about it right now. “You didn’t tell Taylor, did you?” she asks and he says that he hasn’t yet but plans to. She tells him to keep it to himself and not upset Taylor because, technically, nothing happened. They admit there is a connection between them and there always will be, but she says they can be together without acting on that connection. And then she asks him for a job at Forrester Creations.

Back at the doctor’s office, Taylor tells Bridget that she feels really bad about what happened in court. Bridget, clearly angry but trying to keep things professional, says, “I’m sure you did whatever you thought was best. And I’m sure she will, too.” They try to keep going with the appointment, but once again Taylor interrupts Bridget to apologize for what happened. She tries to explain that she would have never said those things if she hadn’t been asked directly or even if she’d been asked those things at a different time in Brooke’s life. Taylor even says that a year ago she would’ve said she herself wasn’t a good mother if someone had asked her. Bridget replies that she thinks her mom got the worst end of both deals – that Brooke went to Taylor for professional advice and Taylor turned her down, so instead Brooke talked to her as a friend and ended up losing her children because of it. Bridget continues to try to keep the visit as professional as possible and moves on. But Taylor starts asking about the eye color of the donor mother of the baby, which shakes up Bridget. Bridget is visibly nervous and Taylor seems to pick up on this, asking suspicious questions about Brooke’s fertility workup at that office. Bridget wonders aloud why Taylor is asking about that. Taylor responds, "When we found out my eggs weren't viable, she was going to give Nick a child if --" But Bridget interrupts her, stammering that Nick only wanted to have a life with Taylor, and picks up her cup of coffee to take a drink. Taylor says, “I think there’s been a mix-up,” and when Bridget is frozen, afraid of what Taylor’s getting at, Taylor points to the cup Bridget is about to drink from. “I had the tea,” Taylor says.

Meanwhile Brooke is still trying to get Nick to give her a job. She says she needs to show the people who took away her children that she’s a force to be reckoned with, and tells Nick that she will help him bring the Forresters down. “You finally sound like the woman I fell in love with,” he says, “Which is why I have to say no.” But Brooke won’t take no for an answer. She continues badgering him about it. He says he wants to talk to Taylor about it, but Brooke pleads with him not to. Finally she wears him down and he gives her the job. He’s clearly nervous about working with her, but she’s elated, saying, “Forrester Creations is going to be our baby.”