At the Forrester pool, a distracted Zende accepts iced tea from Sasha and thanks her. She knows this is a tough one, but they’ll get through it together. Sasha embraces him. Zende thinks about Nicole and tells Sasha he has to go; he forgot something at the office. Sasha goes inside and runs into Caroline and Douglas. Caroline talks about how great it is to be a mother; she can only imagine how Maya will feel when the doctor hands her the baby. Caroline thinks it’s amazing what Sasha’s sister sacrificed to give Rick and Maya a baby. Sasha muses that she gave up her relationship with Zende.

At Brooke’s place, she tells Eric that they’re going to be grandparents again. Eric is thrilled. Brooke marvels at the way they’re all handling this, and Eric feels Rick will be a great father. Brooke gushes that the baby will be surrounded by love. They wonder if Rick and Ridge might stop fighting. Talk turns to Zende. Eric thinks he’s been mopey, and feels things could turn around for him and Nicole. Brooke points out Sasha is very smitten with Zende; she wishes he could be there for Nicole. She feels if it weren’t for Sasha they might have survived this.

Casting: B&B casts attorney Ed De La Rosa

In the hospital, Nicole, Maya, and Rick listen to the baby’s heartbeat. Vivienne arrives. As the contractions get stronger, Nicole thinks about Zende, but doesn’t want her mother to call him…he’s probably with Sasha. Rick and Maya whisper about Zende not being there. As Nicole labors and pushes, surrounded by medical staff, Zende sneaks into the room in scrubs. As the baby girl is born, the song These Are The Moments (sung by Reign Edwards, written by Bradley Bell, Casey Kasprzyk, Anthony Ferrari and Reign Edwards) plays in the background. Vivienne and Nicole look on as Maya holds the baby, and she and Rick admire her. Rick kisses Maya’s head. Zende hangs in the back corner of the room as Vivienne cuddles the baby, and then hands her to a tearful Rick. Maya reaches out to hold Nicole’s hand and then brings the baby to her. “This is Auntie Nicole.” Zende watches them all surround the baby and then exits the room. He takes a call from Sasha, who wants him to come home. After, Zende looks back into the room at Nicole. He enters. She tells him she had a baby; a beautiful little girl. It was a problem for them, but it was so worth it. Nicole wishes he’d been there. He says, “I was.” Nicole can’t believe he was in the corner the whole time. Zende apologizes for bailing on her, and tells Nicole he couldn’t stay away. He is sorry – he was wrong and selfish. Nicole feels it counts for something that he’s there now. They kiss.

In the Forrester living room, Sasha flashes through her romance with Zende and grins.

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